Kwikset Obsidian Keyless Touchscreen

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Obsidian Keyless Touchscreen Specifications

3.5" x 5.4" x 9.9"
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the obsidian keyless touchscreen weighs 3 pounds


Editorial Review

If minimalism is your home decor style of choice, the Kwikset Obsidian Keyless Touchscreen lock will set the design note right at your doorstep. It's a perfect square with a black screen – hence the name "obsidian" – that activates on touch, becoming a virtual keypad with glowing white numbers. You can program it for up to 16 entry codes plus a master code, which isn't a lot of codes by automated lock standards, but it's probably more than enough for an individual homeowner. It doesn't have an app, and Z-Wave integration is still on the way as of this writing, which will let you set key codes and lock options from an app, but all of the basic functions can be activated from the keypad or from a set of switches on the interior of the unit.

You can set the Obsidian to lock when the door closes and turn on an audio option so you can speak with visitors before you let them into your home. Unfortunately, in the absence of an app, you can only set the options from the switches on the inside. It's probably best if you decide whether you want these features on or off when you first install the unit, because changing your mind after the lock is in place means partially disassembling it with a screwdriver to get to the controls. That, however, may be a price you find worth paying for the privilege of having one of the most beautiful locks currently on the market mounted on your door.

Kwikset is probably best known for the Kevo, which opens automatically if it senses a smartphone with its app running in the background. However, the Kevo also has a keyhole, which means the lock can be picked by burglars. The Obsidian is their first lock without any keyhole. (If the batteries go dead and you can't get inside, there are external connectors for a 9-volt battery to reactivate it long enough to punch in your code.)

If minimalism isn't your style and you'd prefer a more traditional-looking PIN code lock, take a look at the Ardwolf A1, the Toledo Electronic Deadbolt or the Yale Real Living YRL220.

Kwikset Obsidian Keyless Touchscreen | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Easy to install...screen is bright but if you get morning/afternoon sun on it then the screen can be hard to see.

Tom's Guide

Just for looks, no zwave, no Wifi, no NFC...This is not a technical step forward.

Tom's Guide

Illuminates when touched, making it easy to see during both day and nighttime use. To keep with the sleek aesthetic, the lock itself projects less than an inch off the door.

Tom's Guide

All black and very minimalistic, with the touchpad making up almost the entirety of the deadbolt's exterior.

Tom's Guide

Will give you plenty of warning before those batteries run dead...won't work with Siri...but it will work with a variety of connected home platforms.

Tom's Guide