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Kevo Specifications

small bottom hand
released date


the kevo weighs 3.5 pounds


phone controllable
has wifi
has bluetooth

Editorial Review

How long has it been since you used an actual key to open the door of your car? Unless you're still driving a jalopy left over from the prehistoric days of the 20th Century, the answer is probably "more than a decade." So wouldn't it be nice if you could use a key fob to open the door of your house? With the Kwikset Kevo, you can, though you can still fall back on the useful analog powers of a key if you lose the fob or its battery goes unexpectedly dead. The only downside is that, on the second-generation Kevo, the key fob is an extra-cost option. But on the upside the lock will now work with your iPhone or Android phone and will open with just a tap even if your phone is still sitting in your pocket. Now that's 21st century living.

At a quick glance, the Kevo looks like an ordinary round door latch, until you notice the glowing LCD ring that surrounds it, but the LCD only lights up when you're using it. The ring turns blue when you touch it, green once you unlock it, red if you forgot your smartphone or if you're an uninvited guest trying to walk in uninvited, and yellow when you lock it, so you'll know that your home is safe and secure. The Kevo can be installed in 15 minutes and the smartphone app will even give you the instructions for doing so. The lock will only fit certain door measurements, so be sure to do some further research before buying one.

You pair your phone with the lock via Bluetooth, turning it into what Kevo calls an "eKey." If you have overnight visitors, you can pair their phones with a temporary eKey that will go away after 24 hours, so you don't need to change the lock when you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The lock works even if the app is running in the background, so there's no fiddling with the phone in order to get in the door, though you'll need Bluetooth enabled. If you'd prefer a more conventional combination lock with a high-tech spin, you should also check out the Yale Real Living YRL220.

Kwikset Kevo | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 3

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Only works with a few smart home systems.

Tom's Guide

There is a small delay between touching the lock and the mechanism actually opening, but not such a long lapse that you'd have to put down your groceries.

Tom's Guide

It's easy to install and the app makes it simple to send and manage eKeys, but you have to pay extra for eKeys once you've used up the two freebies.

Tom's Guide

The Kwikset Kevo is a uniquely convenient smart lock that can let you in with a single touch.

Tom's Guide

The Kwikset Kevo consistently fails to connect with my iPhone to operate the lock.

Tom's Guide