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Turbo-Klean Specifications

27" x 14.5" x 16"
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the turbo-klean weighs 13.2 pounds


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Editorial Review

The makers of the Kokido Turbo-Klean have certainly done one thing right -- they've given their automated pool cleaner a look that's completely different from the nearly invariant visual template used on 95 percent of the other robocleaners on the market. Instead of a Sherman Tank on brightly colored treads, the Turbo-Klean looks like a giant, extremely anxious blowfish. His tiny eyes and down-turned mouth make him look sad yet determined to get into your pool and scour it clean of any undesirable content that has found its way in there. The Turbo-Klean may not look happy about this job, but he's going to do it. So the Turbo-Klean wins the award for one of the most imaginative-looking, strangely appealing robotic devices on the market that weren't intended specifically to be cute, the way that, say, children's robots are.

It comes with a cord that's 39-feet long, an odd number given that the shortest cord found on most automated pool cleaners is 40 feet, making Turbo slightly inadequate. Maybe that's what he's looking so sad about. That probably won't make him useful for pools more than about 30 feet in length, though the company claims it will handle pools up to 32 feet long and eight feet deep. Applying a little Pythagorean math and assuming that the slope of the pool floor is the hypotenuse of a triangle, um -- yeah, that might work, if the plug is close to the pool and near the shallow end.

The Turbo-Klean uses the same motor for sucking up pool debris as it does for propelling itself across the pool, which makes sense if you assume the filter catches the debris as the jetstream passes through. At any rate, it makes the Turbo-Klean energy efficient. This bot comes with a number of built-in programs, for different sizes and shapes of pools, so you'll probably just choose one off a menu and let him go.

Some other pool cleaners you can look at, none of which are guaranteed to have Turbo-Klean's sad cuteness (or would that be cute sadness?), include the Hayward TigerShark, the Maytronics Dolphin Nautilus, and the Smartpool 4i.

Kokido Turbo-Klean | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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So far we are very pleased with this item. It collects small particles that the sewage treatment did not remove.

Tom's Guide

It works like a charm. Easy to use and cleans very well. I can spend less time cleaning and more time swimming. I highly recommend it.

Tom's Guide

It keeps getting stuck, and runs in weird angles. We have a round pool and it almost never goes over the middle part where all the debris is.

Tom's Guide