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E-Jet Specifications

Dim 1
the e-jet weighs 30.9 pounds


Editorial Review

The Kokido E-Jet has the usual features you'd expect to find in an electric pool cleaner. You plug it into house current, drop it in the water, and go back to sipping your lemonade while it crawls silently around the pool, cleaning up debris, algae and anonymous crud that has managed to make your pool its home. One feature that most other cleaners don't have is double filter bags, so you can wait a while before you need to dump the debris in the trash. It can be set to clean for three or four hours, then shut itself off automatically. Another unusual feature is its jet-propulsion system, which isn't very well described in the promotional literature, so it's not clear whether the jets give it an extra speed boost to make it up the walls or just blow debris off the bottom of the pool, but Kokido says that the jet system "ensures that it moves easily on any kind of pool surface," so it must be doing something useful.

It can clean pools up to 30 feet in length, tethered as it is to a 41-inch power cord. However, no external hoses are required. It filters 4,500 gallons of water an hour and can catch particles as small as 100 microns as it chugs along the pool bottom. It can only handle flat-bottom pools, so if you have any unexpected dips or coves in the floor, it might become befuddled. There's also no indication that it can handle the pool walls, but maybe that's what the jets are for.

For some alternative pool cleaners that might have a little more wall-climbing power, check out the Maytronics Dolphin Supreme M3, the Smartpool SmartKleen and the unusual Solar Breeze NX, which doesn't pretend to clean the walls or even the bottom of your pool but will skim leaves off the top using solar power alone, even after dark (using two hours' worth of stored power).

Kokido E-Jet | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This robotic pool cleaner is a God send...I turn it on, walk away and two hours later the pool is clean and beautiful. This purchase was worth every penny...

Tom's Guide

It is not as good as the turbo jet. It does not spray or jet water onto the the bottom of the pool like the turbo jet did...It is not as good as the old unit but works ok.

Tom's Guide