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3D Printing Pen Specifications

1.2" x 1.8" x 7.2"
the 3d printing pen weighs 0.1 pounds


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Editorial Review

3D printing pens are a toy for some and a tool for others. The Ido3dart Pen is an example of the former. It embraces its toy pedigree, aiming for kids 8-years old and up, and as such, is good for them to practice on before handling the more adult pens that might actually work. The Victorstar 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen, with its 250 degrees of melty goodness, offers some versatility. But for that particular commodity, the 3DSimo Mini is the one to beat. Owing to high operating temperatures, neither the 3DSimo nor the Victorstar pen should be used by young children.

The Knox 3D Printing Pen should also be considered an adult tool. Its melting temperature of 446 degrees for ABS plastic and 338 degrees for PLA is considerably higher than most kids' melt-down temperatures. The controls are large, making the user better able to adjust the temperature as well as control the speed. This is a major contention with 3D pens which can be overcome in most cases by simple practice. With stepless speed change, the Knox 3D Printing Pen’s extrusion flow remains consistent. Set-up is a snap since all the user needs to do is plug in the unit and feed the filament into the back of the pen. This pen contains a built-in LCD screen and possesses forward and reverse buttons. Included is a filament starter pack which contains 260 feet of 8 colors, all of 1.75-mm diameter. A pen holder and instruction manual complete the package.

As with all pens of this nature, the Knox 3D pen may raise expectations of artistry that users find challenging to attain. Unless one is already a seasoned sculptor, it is extremely difficult to draw in the air, something that all these pens claim users can do, and the Knox 3D is no exception. To achieve 3D shapes, it is advised to start on a flat surface, draw the shapes, then affix them together at the end. For maximum utility, reading the user manual and much patience are essential. The cord on the Knox pen is suggested to be too short, so for safety's sake, adult discretion is advised.

Knox 3D Printing Pen | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I purchased this for my son for his birthday and it has been a hit. As described in other reviews, it requires some patience.

Tom's Guide

Technology is so amazing. So when I ran across this 3D printing pen I decided I had to have it.

Tom's Guide

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to create 3D drawings this pen is excellent. This set comes with a great bargain for it's value.

Tom's Guide

Easy to use 3d pen. Would love for it to be wireless though, the cord provided is very short.

Tom's Guide