Kiwano KO1

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KO1 Specifications

1.7" x 1.1" x 4.3"
the ko1 weighs 35.3 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


has bluetooth

Editorial Review

Think you've seen everything the engineers behind self-balancing scooters have to offer? Think again. The Kiwano K01 blends scooter and unicycle to contribute its part to the wider industry of electric-powered micro-transportation, a quickly growing and diverse field of e-bikes, e-trikes, and Segways. This growing market demands transportation that is affordable, portable, and reliable, for individual use, typically in urban areas. Evaluated by these standards, the K01 reveals itself to be a quite compelling option in the age of clean, powered, personal transport.

At a glance, the K01 appears to be nothing more than a couple of metal bars stuck into a thick, tire-clad wheel. This minimalist design helps to make the scooter incredibly easy to store, and, along with its mere 35 pound total weight, carry. Stunningly, this 35 pound chunk of metal and rubber can carry loads of up to 550 pounds, an engineering feat made more astonishing when considering the maximum load that, say, your average hoverboard can handle. The shock suspension and LED lights adorning both the front and back round out a truly stellar build, allowing riders to cruise in comfort and safety, day or night.

A top speed of twenty miles per hour gets the job done, as does the maximum predicted range of 20 miles, and the one hour charge time ensures few dead battery inconveniences. And the final, arguably most interesting feature of this scooter? With the accompanying Kiwano app, you can actually control the vehicle wirelessly, weaving in and out of traffic with just a tap of your smartphone (don't actually weave through traffic, please—safety first).

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The Kiwano K01 is built for “natural responsible body control” and constructed out of premium high-quality materials.

Tom's Guide

Very powerful! I’m buying a second one now for my wife.

Tom's Guide