Kiwano KO-X

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KO-X Specifications

27.6" x 8.7" x 9.1"
the ko-x weighs 32 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


battery life


has bluetooth

Editorial Review

Think all handlebar-free "hoverboards" are essentially the same? You aren't alone. There are, however, some slight and subtle differences from board to board. Some have battery life roughly two times the industry average, some have cool features not always seen in these products, some are built for all kinds of terrain, and some just plain explode in certain circumstances. Okay, that last one is less true—most exploders have been phased out, and any board with the CL 2722 certification is, most likely, safe from such concerns, but you get the idea. The Kiwano KO-X promised to be a mix of all of those things, a lightning fast, off-road-capable self-balancing scooter fitted with Bluetooth speakers to play one's music through. Sadly, the KO-X was not destined to be.

In a late 2016 statement, Kiwano disappointingly announced that their KO-X line of scooters was discontinued, and that all customers who had ordered it would receive a full refund. Apparently, Kiwano had fallen victim to counterfeiters seeking to capitalize on the advertised 15.5 mile per hour top speed and suite of features, and felt they could not reliably ensure the quality of the products bearing their name. Alas, this is an unfortunate cost of doing business as an upstart exporter in the 21st century. Kiwano stated that they'd be back in 2017 with "something new and innovative," and we hope that statement proves to be true.

Kiwano KO-X | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Very powerful! I'm buying a second one now for my wife. The only issue is that I can not get the app to work, on Windows or Android. The product is great.

Tom's Guide

My son is thrilled! He gets a lot of attention riding it, and it fares very well in the environment, goes through snow and mud quite well. Very pleased with the board!

Tom's Guide