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GKW-1000A Specifications

3.6" x 2" x 6.2"
released date


phone controllable
has bluetooth
Upc n
809532  840014

Editorial Review

KeyWe sounds like it ought to be a New Zealand company. (New Zealanders are sometimes affectionately referred to as Kiwis. Get it?) Unfortunately for that joke, the company is Korean. Maybe the owners of the company just have a thing for flightless birds. Or kiwi fruit. Regardless, KeyWe's GKW-1000A smart door lock has a beautifully minimalist design that looks more like a small speaker than a lock. There's no visible keyhole, no numeric keypad. You just approach it with your smartphone and the lock uses your GPS to determine that you're outside the door. This is similar to the route adopted by the Kwikset Kevo, which opens when it detects your smartphone on your person, or the Yale Real Living Assure Lock, which can be activated by a Samsung Gear smartwatch.

KeyWe also seems to be taking the approach adopted by several manufacturers of smart thermostats, making their lock look about as much like a lock as the Ecobee4 looks like a thermostat. Burglars accustomed to fiddling with small, tumbler-filled slots on your door or keypads with conspicuously smudged numbers will be stymied; clearly burglars of the future will either need to be computer hackers or bring fire axes to smash your door in, and most burglars don't want to make that kind of effort. They'd rather go to a neighbor's home with an easier lock to pick.

KeyWe's online how-to video suggests you won't need more than a screwdriver to uninstall your old lock and replace it with this one, though that might depend on how easy your old lock is to remove. Be warned that, as of this writing, the GKW-1000A is one of those rare products that has a one-star rating on Amazon, but that's because there's only one review, from a user who received a unit that had clearly been opened by a previous recipient. That may or may not be KeyWe's fault, but if that makes you nervous (and there aren't better reviews by the time you read this), also check out the Toledo Electronic Deadbolt and the Samsung Ezon SHS-3321.

KeyWe GKW-1000A | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 3

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Seal was broken, wood dust everywhere inside the box. This is a used or returned item. I will likely return it.

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