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Single Wooden Specifications

6" x 6" x 7"
released date


the single wooden weighs 6.3 pounds


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614458  521309

Editorial Review

One of the nicest features you can find in an automatic watch winder is that it fits multiple watch sizes. So it's a definite plus that the Kendal Single Wooden can handle both small women's watches and heavier men's watches. Otherwise, it has the usual features one expects to find in a winder that handles a single watch. The Kendal is a box made from cherry wood with a large glass window to display the watch attractively, so if you're a collector you can show it off when you're not wearing it and if you're a seller you can let buyers see what they'll be purchasing. It winds watches in four different modes. Mode 1 winds the watch 650 times per day, mode 2 winds it 750 times, mode 3 winds it 850 times and mode 4 winds it 1,000 times. It winds clockwise, counterclockwise and bidirectionally while the intermittent turning of the cuff keeps self-winding watches wound.

A soft pillow cushions the watch against bumps and scratches, while the suede interior makes the watch look better than a sweaty wrist would. The Japanese-made machinery -- an upgrade from earlier versions of this model -- keeps the gears quiet so it won't disturb the peace in a quiet den or storefront shop. (Imagine the cacaphony that a few dozen of these could make running all at once if the gears weren't silent.) The motor runs on AA batteries or AC current, so you can choose between worrying about power failure or battery failure. (There's no word from the manufacturer as to whether the batteries can serve as backup for the house current, but you could give it a try.) The price is fairly low, but bear in mind that it only winds one watch.

If you need a winder that handles more than one watch at a time, check out the Modalo Safe Systems MV3, the Jqueen W004 Quad, the Heiden Prestige Quad or the cleverly designed Diplomat Boxy Stackable, which allows up to eight (and possibly more) single watch winders to be stacked together to form a network of winders run off a single power supply.

Kendal Single Wooden | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This is a beautiful watch winder. I able to display four watches and wind two. So far so good. I'm satisfied with the quality.

Tom's Guide

This is a pretty good watch winder/case. There are about five options for the winding settings. This is a good example of getting what you paid for.

Tom's Guide