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The Kendal Quad with Drawer is for people who have fairly large collections of watches but only want to keep four of them wound and up to date at any given time. It's a long wooden box, with a glass window that displays the four watches being wound, a section below it for storing up to six additional watches, and a lock to keep sneaky watch thieves from getting their sticky fingers into your collection. Presumably you'd use the top section, where the actual winding takes place, for the watches that you regularly wear, so you won't have to reset them every time you put one back on after a few days of absence from your wrist, and the bottom for your collection of antique watches or the ones you're just bored with; that's up to you. You can display the watches in the lower section simply by lifting the lid, which ordinarily hides them, but if you're worried about watch theft you probably won't leave it that way when you exit the room.

The Quad uses "fuzzy logic," an artificial intelligence technique that seems to be increasingly popular in automated devices, to make sure your watches are in working condition. Exactly what the fuzzy logic is responsible for isn't clear. Perhaps it decides when a watch might be getting wound too much for the safety of its mainspring or not wound enough to keep it running at all times. Whatever, it's probably a good thing to have around. A suede interior keeps your watches safely padded and makes them look their best. The wood outer construction is hand polished and high gloss -- surprising in a watch winder that doesn't cost a lot per watch. The winding timer is computer controlled, another surprising feature at this price.

You won't find any other watch winders on the market that can hold ten watches, but you can find more that will wind four at a time, including the the Versa Quad G088, the Wolf Roadster 459156, the Heiden Prestige Quad and the Jqueen W004 Quad. The Wolf Roadster 459256 can even wind six.

Kendal Quad with Drawer | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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This is a really nice winder with a really high-class finish to the wood. Very visually pleasing. The watches look very nice on display and I'm very happy with the purchase.

Tom's Guide

The left wheel that holds 2 watches does not always work. I spent a lot of money on this for it not to work well. I don't recommend this product nor do I recommend the vendor.

Tom's Guide

Solid with a nice finish. Works as advertised. Best box at this price. Quiet. I'm happy with my purchase.

Tom's Guide