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LM7000 Specifications

Dim xl
the lm7000 weighs 238 pounds


remote control included
Upc n
724131  532949

Editorial Review

The Kahuna LM7000, with its striped leg and foot rests, looks like the kind of seat that first-class passengers will eventually get on spaceplanes to relax in on their way to the moon. Someone should suggest this to Elon Musk. The massage features would certainly keep passengers from complaining about the G-forces on lift-off, though they might prove useless in the weightlessness of space. Those massage features include an L-track roller system that extends all the way from your neck to your buttocks. Air bags will squeeze you from the sides and dual foot rollers will ease the aching soles of your feet. There's a yoga stretching function to get the kinks out of your spine and heat for your lumbar region.

On top of this, the chair will twist you from side to side and will scan your body to determine how much pressure your flesh needs to make it feel good without unnecessary pain. There are three different zero gravity positions, depending on how far you want to lean back and how much strain you want removed from your spine. Oh, and there are speakers built into the headrests, so you can plug in an MP3 player and listen to your favorite music while your body gets tossed and caressed. Sounds like a pretty nice way to come home and forget about that fight you had with your boss -- or just to while away the break between your favorite soap operas. The massage time can be set from the remote to run for as little as five minutes, if you've got an appointment coming up, or up to a full 30 minutes if you want the complete workout.

For the price, the LM7000 is a pretty good deal, but take a look at what else is available before you make a buying decision. Some other chairs you might want to look at are the Luraco iRobotics 6SL, the BestMassage EC-06C and the Infinity IT 8500. If you want a real bargain, look at the super-cheap Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0, though it's a bit low on features.

Kahuna LM7000 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Me and the rest of my family love it. We use it daily and it has definitely made a difference in how our body's feel at the end of the day. I'm satisfied with my purchase!

Tom's Guide

I tried only once which is yesterday but I want to go back home and do this! It really helps me keep my good posture and it massages good on my shoulder blade.

Tom's Guide

This is my little escape. I feel so much better when I get up. This chair does replace a human it does better than what I can find locally. This was truly a great investment.

Tom's Guide