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LM6800 Specifications

Dim xl
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the lm6800 weighs 220 pounds


remote control included
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Editorial Review

Kahuna, in Hawaii, means an important person or wise shaman. In surfer dude speak, it means a big wave. Take one look at the Kahuna LM6800 and you know there must be a surfer dude somewhere in the company, because this massage chair looks a lot more like a big wave than like a person, wise or not. Its billowing surfaces rise to a crest as it goes into operation and it seems to do everything a wave would do except throw off foam. Which, come to think of it, makes it sound awfully comfortable, given that you won't actually get wet.

The L6800 is a zero-gravity massage chair, which is industry speak for a chair that vaguely resembles the seats astronauts use on their way to the International Space Station. Never mind that those chairs are designed to resist intense acceleration, which produces powerful forces that are the equivalent of the crushing gravitational fields of large planets. They call them zero-gravity chairs because by leaning you back into launch position they distribute your weight as evenly as possible from head to toe, causing gravity (not zero gravity) to pull you down against the rollers and airbags inside the chair for maximum massage pressure. The concept is sound, even though it was apparently named by someone who flunked Physics 101.

The Kahuna has the standard features you'd want from a modern massage chair, like L-track rollers that extend all the way down to the hamstrings, dual foot rollers and a Yoga stretching function, but its best feature may be its fairly low price (in a new model) and the fact that it's potentially available for medical reasons, meaning that a note from your doctor could get your insurance company to pick up the tab.

Or if you want something even less expensive new than the Kahuna, try the Brookstone ReAct or you can go to the higher end with the Apex AP-Pro Lotus.

Kahuna LM6800 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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First massage chair ever and this is the best one. This is a great product!

Tom's Guide

The chair feels great! if you're starting to get minor aches and pains from work this will make you feel good. This chair is already helping a ton.

Tom's Guide

We have now owned this for 3 months and still love it! We laugh often about the only downside to this chair, which is getting relaxed and falling asleep.

Tom's Guide

Very comfortable. So great gift for parents. They always fall in sleep in the chair. Would recommend to families and friends.

Tom's Guide

I love that it massages from your neck to the bottom of your butt... I was falling asleep within 15 minutes. Great chair for the price!

Tom's Guide