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M3 Specifications

7.9" x 7.9" x 16"
the m3 weighs 18.9 pounds


Editorial Review

Yes, there are still watches that need to be wound. If you're browsing the reviews in this section, you probably already know that, but if you just wandered in here out of curiosity it may come as a surprise. Most people in this high-tech society have watches that run on batteries, some of which not only tell the time but throw in the temperature and a record of how strenuously you've been exercising. But there's a grand elegance to old-style analog watches and some people either collect them or wear a different one on their wrists for different occasions. If you own several classic watches, or new watches that emulate classic watches, keeping them on-time and ticking can be an arduous task. Sure, you can wind them all by hand, but automatic watch winders make the task easier and can be programmed not to wind the watches so tightly that it damages their delicate inner workings.

The Juvo M3 is a triple watch winder, meaning that it can keep three watches running simultaneously while showing them off in an attractive setting to guests who are either interested in admiring your collection or have been coerced into taking a look. If you paid a small fortune for top-quality watches, you very likely want the whole world to know about it. This unit stacks the watches vertically in a striking wood paneled case with what Juvo calls a "patented aluminum extrusion design." So that the watches are visible in dim light, the manufacturer has included built-in LED illumination and a clear glass cover to keep the timepieces from getting scratched (and presumably to prevent admirers from getting their fingerprints all over them). The M3 provides soft but sturdy cushions for small-to-oversize watches and can wind them in multiple directions if necessary. It also comes with a pair of white gloves, so that you don't get your own fingerprints on the collection.

If the Juvo M3 doesn't meet your needs, or if you have more or less than three watches, look at the Wolf Savoy Single, which, as its name implies, winds a single watch; the Heiden Prestige Quad (four watches); or the Diplomat Boxy Stackable (eight watches).

Juvo M3 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I really like the Juvo winder. I'm starting to build up my collection of automatic watches and this winder will really help me rotate through the watches.

Tom's Guide

Comes with everything you need, including handling gloves and cleaning cloth . . . When operating, a cool LED lights up each watch and looks fantastic.

Tom's Guide