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Impressa J95 Specifications

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the impressa j95 weighs 24 pounds


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Editorial Review

Jura Inc., a Swedish corporation gone global, is getting into automated coffee machines in a big way, where "big" describes their machines, the extent of those machines' capabilities and their price tags. Especially their price tags. The Jura Giga W3 Professional is so high end that it will probably sell best to the kind of upscale workplaces that have designer couches in the employee lunchroom and limited edition Ansel Adams prints hanging on their walls. The Impressa J95 isn't quite so high up the largeness scale that actual human beings can't buy it for their home, but it still depends on how much disposable income those human beings have and whether they can find a good refurbished model. The J95 is a scaled down version of its big bro, but it still has enough bells and whistles to play holiday music on.

The Impressa has a thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display that guides you through coffee selection using icons and graphics that aren't quite as colorful as those on the more expensive machine, but that still allows you to spin a dial that takes you from one brew to another, so you can decide whether to make an espresso or a macchiato then push a button to pour the result into a cup or glass up to six inches tall. (The height of the coffee spout is adjustable.) It handles the milk and the milk foam, which Jura describes as having "a fine, feather-light consistency." The machine is self-rinsing, though some owners complain that it rinses itself every time you turn it on, requiring you to wait for your caffeine fix while the Impresa takes its morning shower. If you drink a lot of coffee, you just might want to leave it on all day so it will be push-button ready for the next cup. Unlike the more expensive Giga line, the Impresa doesn't allow you to set the start-up time in advance, so you may have a morning wait ahead of you.

If you can't afford either the Giga or the Impresa J95, Jura offers lower-cost alternatives in their Impresa line. Take a look, for instance, at the Impressa F7.

Jura Impressa J95 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

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Makes weak coffee; Doesn’t make “true” doubles; Cheap carbon fiber front does not justify the price premium. In conclusion, I cannot recommend this machine to anyone.

Tom's Guide

I have had mine for several months now and could not be happier. From a coffee pro... It's great and I highly recommend!

Tom's Guide

Everything is done by itself. The machine explains exactly what is to be done. To recommend further! A great machine!

Tom's Guide

Intuitive and easy to use. Good quality. Corresponds to my expectations. Beautiful and effective.

Tom's Guide