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Impressa J90 Specifications

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the impressa j90 weighs 24 pounds


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Editorial Review

The Impressa machines from espresso experts Jura are their low-end offerings, but when you look at the price on a new Impressa J90, just remind yourself that its silver lacquer coating and blue-and-yellow glowing spouts are going to look exquisite in front of that tiled backslash you put behind the kitchen counter. Like other Jura machines, it grinds the beans you put in from the top through a cone engineered for maximum grinding efficiency and quick delivery of that much-needed morning dose of caffeine. There's a dial for setting how finely ground you want the beans, which may take a little getting used to, because espresso like its bean ground just right, where "just right" is defined as "how you like your espresso." Like higher-end machines -- and the J9 is near the high end of the Impressa line -- it has a full-color display that shows you pictures of the coffee types it will make and lets you select your favorite from a dial on the lid. You can program presets for your drinks, so that the coffee and milk froth will come out in the strengths and amounts you want, and even add a small delay between layers so that the milk froth won't still be fizzing when the next layer of your cappuccino comes down the spout.

And, yes, it will make cappuccinos as well as ristrettos, latte macchiatos, pure espresso, frothed milk or, if you're not feeling adventurous, just plain coffee. The A9 still suffers a problem found in most "lower-end" automated espresso makers, which is that it doesn't have a built-in compartment for milk. You have to pour milk into a separate container (supplied by Jura) and attach it to the A9 with a tube (also supplied by Jura). Some users complain that the system doesn't get the milk warm enough, but that's probably a matter of taste. Jura supplies cleaning tablets to rinse out the spouts and the tube after use, so there won't be any residue.

For alternatives, look at Jura's lower-end Impressa F7 or even higher-end Impressa J95. Or, from competitor Miele, consider the CM6110 or more expensive CM6310.

Jura Impressa J90 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The machine is made with high quality materials... Ultimately, you definitely will receive a fabulous machine built to last and sure to find a place in the family.

Tom's Guide

I just purchased a Jura J90 and am very disappointed. I don't have to have my coffee super hot but this is barely hot.

Tom's Guide

What an incredible machine! I am ecstatic with my purchase. Any one who is contemplating such a investment will not be disappointed. I have reached barristers heaven.

Tom's Guide

This coffee machine not only looks good but makes fresh coffee that tastes great and beats the 'pod coffee' machines everytime!

Tom's Guide

The J90 is really a good machine. I can just recommend her! The coffee tastes terrific - milk foam is awesome. The operating noise is acceptable.

Tom's Guide