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Intelligent Oven Specifications

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the intelligent oven weighs 44 pounds


phone controllable
has wifi
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Editorial Review

If you were worried that you don't have enough intelligent devices around your house, June (the company, not the month or somebody named June) wants to add intelligence to your oven. To drive the point home, they've named their automated cooking appliance the June Intelligent Oven, so you won't mistake it for that dumb oven you already own. It's so smart that it can actually watch your meal with its built-in high-definition camera, determine what kind of food it is, and give you suggestions about how to cook it. (A side benefit of the Intelligent Oven's camera is that you can actually watch live videos of your food being cooked, which should go over great if you stream them on Facebook.)

The Intelligent Oven comes with 50 preset cooking programs that you can choose from the unit's control panel or from its smartphone app, which can be set to send you alerts about the progress of your meal. It comes with the June Cooking Thermometer (which one assumes is smarter than normal cooking thermometers), the June Pan (which, etc.), plus a plain old wire rack, roasting rack and crumb tray. The oven uses what June claims are "the latest advances in artificial intelligence" to plan your meals, so until artificial intelligence becomes even more advanced, the Intelligent Oven is about as smart an oven as you're likely to find for your kitchen. No word on how it stacks up against leading chefs, but it's probably cheaper to get the June unit to work in your kitchen than Gordon Ramsay, though you may wonder about that when you see the price tag.

If you're worried that the IO will replace you as head chef in your household, it seems a safe bet that your assistance will still be needed at some point in the cooking process -- for instance, in preparing the food before it goes in the oven in the first place. If you'd like an automated unit that will do more kinds of cooking but will probably also need more of your help, look at the Gourmia GMC680, which can do 11 styles of cooking, or the GeekChef 11-in-1 Multi-Functional, which can do the same.

June Intelligent Oven | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I am not disappointed. This oven not only lives up to all the hype, but it makes a damn fine bagel. It's a big investment, but I'm very happy with my purchase.

Tom's Guide

So, am I happy with the oven, yes. First, I wanted a convection oven, and this oven is brilliant in that respect.

Tom's Guide

This is a fun product for the bad cook with money to spare. All others should hold off until we have more players in the smart oven game, when prices should fall.

Tom's Guide

The June Intelligent Oven is a smart countertop appliance that lets you bake and roast like a top chef with minimal effort and experience.

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