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Editorial Review

Juiced Bikes' 2017 release, the OceanCurrent, is another of the mid- to late-2010's excellent deals as the electric bike industry continues to push onward. No longer do riders have to get gouged by the likes of Pedego (who do make excellent, if quite expensive, electric bicycles) in order to zip around on a zero-emissions personal electric vehicle with some speed and range to offer—Juiced Bikes has been supplying comparable machines, like their CrossCurrent Air, since 2016.

Henry Ford, when asked about consumer choice regarding his smash hit, the Model T, famously remarked that "any customer can have a car painted any color he wants, so long as it is black." Juiced Bikes must have missed that memo, as the OceanCurrent comes available in a whopping twelve different configurations of color and chassis, including a nice step-thru frame option that's easier on the hips when mounting. Like the CrossCurrent, the OceanCurrent provides an eye-popping deal with regards to price and specs, providing a top speed of 28 miles per hour (only when in "Sport Mode") for a bit less than half of the cost of a top-of-the-line Pedego of comparable speed. The range of 20-40 miles with pedelec is not exactly sublime, and the 48 volt battery itself isn't fully integrated like you'll see with more expensive ebikes, but the placement of that battery, one of the bike's heaviest components, provides the frame with noteworthy balance that makes for quite a smooth ride. To deliver value, Juiced has to cut down where they can, meaning you'll get a rather simple display, mechanical disc brakes rather than hydraulic, and some mildly head-scratching design choices. But all of these trade-offs are well worth it if a pleasant, speedy ride for a low price is what you're after.

One of the open secrets behind the success of Juiced Bikes is its founder, Princeton grad and former Olympic high jumper Tora Harris. Reading up on this guy is a serious "so what have you done lately?" check. The top-ranked high jumper for two years in the U.S.A., Harris holds the Ivy League record for high jumping both indoor and outdoor, is fluent in Mandarin, somehow managed to graduate an elite engineering program as a collegiate athlete of the highest tier, and does everything from engineering and design to sales and marketing for his company, Juiced Bikes. This is a guy who could do (and really, has done) anything with his life, and I for one sure am glad he set his sights on bringing quality, affordable ebikes to the masses.

Juiced Bikes OceanCurrent | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The battery slides in from the side so it won’t bonk the tubing above...Thicker spokes, front and rear, which helps to support heavier loads.

Tom's Guide

Sometimes the thicker spokes can come loose over time...throttle is always active when the bike is on, it’s easy to accidentally bump it and have the bike lurch forward.

Tom's Guide