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Editorial Review

Upon founding, Juiced Bikes specialized in making electric cargo bikes, optimized for far distances and heavy loads. Indeed, that foundation made Juiced well-equipped to throw their lot in with the rest of the market and start producing personal electric vehicles aimed at the urban commuter. The CrossCurrent Air is their second iteration of just such a bike, a 2017 launch just a year after the older model's release. The Air is a special deal, combining incredible specs with a price that will have experienced ebike shoppers doing a double-take.

To see the value in Juiced's CrossCurrent Air, check out comparable, popular urban commuters, like the Townie Go! or the Pedego Classic City Commuter. Both are quite popular, more expensive than the CrossCurrent Air, and also quite a bit slower—the top speed of 28 miles per hour puts the Air near the top of the ebike class for speed. The forty-eight volt battery provides between 20 and 40 miles of range for the 600+ watt hub motor—though you can opt for a larger battery for a nominal fee. The optional upgrade model is one Juiced has readily adapted across all elements of this bike, as customers can also opt to buy a fancy LCD display (as opposed to the simple in-built one), an extra sensor to measure cadence in addition to torque, a throttle as opposed to the standard pedelec setup, and choose from one of three frames. Like the earlier CrossCurrent, the Air offers powerful disc brakes, though the Air's brakes are mechanical instead of hydraulic. This helps the Air to be delivered at its lower price point, though cable stretch is always something to watch for in mechanical disc brakes.

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Cheapest ebike you can get that is Class 3 with 28 mph top speed. High quality. Super cool design. Built by someone who really cares about bikes.

Tom's Guide

Saddle is a bit squeaky...Tiny bit of delay to shut off motor when you stop pedaling.

Tom's Guide

Both brake levers have motor inhibitors so they cut power when pulled and that’s a nice safety option, especially if you get the optional throttle accessory.

Tom's Guide

The ride can get a little bumpy especially since there is no suspension fork...display panel is not removable so it could take wear from the weather.

Tom's Guide

The torque assist is really nice, the motor assist is proportional to your force on the can engage the motor with the throttle lever, without pedaling.

Tom's Guide