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the w004 quad weighs 4.4 pounds


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Editorial Review

The Jqueen W004 Quad is an elegant box that will show off four watches on a pair of rotating carousels that support the watch cuffs as they go round and round, much like the gears inside the watch. It would be a great way to show off your watch collection but an even better way to display watches that you have for sale, should you run a watch shop or jewelry store. It will also keep the watches wound at "multiple turns per day," to quote the manufacturer's literature. (They don't mention whether the number of turns is adjustable, but presumably it is.) The rotation of the stems can be set to run clockwise, counterclockwise or a combination of the two. You can also adjust the rotation of the carousels independently, in case you'd prefer to have them rotating in opposite directions rather than in the same direction. That rotation isn't just for the effect. Some watches are self-winding and the rotation keeps them wound much the same way your wrist would.

The watches sit on soft pillows surrounding the cuffs, so they won't get scratched or bump around when you move the unit to a new shelf. An acrylic glass window protects the watches from both the elements and curious fingers while still allowing you to see them -- or to let the customers at your watch store get a good look at their potential purchases. The manufacturer says that the unit is made from "high grade" "quality" materials, but we'll just have to take them at their word on that. What we know for sure is that the unit is attractive and makes the watches look really, really good. The price is reasonable, considering it holds four watches.

If that's how many watches you want to wind and display, also look at these four-watch units: the Versa Quad, the Wolf Roadster Quad and the Heiden Prestige Quad. If four is not enough, try the Wolf Roadster Six-Piece. Or you can scale down to three with the Wolf Meridian Triple.

Jqueen W004 Quad | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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As quiet as the motors are, they still make noise . . . It's noticeable enough that if you don't fall asleep right away like me, you're stuck listening to them turn.

Tom's Guide

This is big but beautiful. Runs smoothly and quietly. Liked this one so much I ordered another for my son!

Tom's Guide