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R3 Specifications

13.2" x 5.3" x 14.2"
the r3 weighs 3.8 pounds


remote control included
battery life


Upc n
711508  413840

Editorial Review

The JJRC R3 Cady Will is practically a metaphor for the human condition. It plays joyous music that it can dance to and it can wage fierce battles against other bots by firing plastic missiles from its oversized right arm and laser beams from its right. Joy and war -- that's the paradox of humanity in a single plastic shell.

But let's not overthink what the R3 is about. What it's about is keeping children and adults entertained while occasionally engaging their brains. The bot's remote control lets you steer it around, select music from its large playlist (some of the tunes are quite relaxing), and tell it to shuffle dance across any smooth surface. With the click of a button you can go into battle mode, launching a missile attack or flashing the illuminated "laser" (really just an LED light) at its opponent, whether that opponent is real or imaginary. (Using a second bot as a recipient for incoming fire is probably better than going after the household pets, who may go into hiding and not come out for hours.) Push the button on the bot's chest and it will announce its name and give you a list of its features, in what sounds like a slight Chinese accent but may just be a voice-synthesizer speech impediment.

Most of these features are also available in the JJRC R1 Defender, but the R3 adds a Touch Mode and a Gesture Mode. In Touch Mode you can tap R3 on the head and shoulders to activate various routines. In Gesture Mode, you can wave your hand in front of strategically placed sensors to direct R3's movement in specific directions. (Moving your hand away from the bot makes it move forward, toward the bot makes it move backwards, and swiping sideways makes it turn.) Program Mode allows you to record a series of movements and play them back ad nauseum.

If you're looking for something more educational in a bot, something that teaches real programming, bots you may want to check out instead include the Ozobot Evo, the Sphero Sprk+ or the Makeblock Codeybot, but they aren't as talkative as the R3.

JJRC R3 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The most interesting from the entire line of JJRC. Large in size, very talkative, can raise both hands, shoots bullets with the right, left - imitates shots with a laser.

Tom's Guide

Very good toy for my grandson...Nice design and interesting design, a lot of fun.

Tom's Guide