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R1 Defender Specifications

10.6" x 4.9" x 13"
the r1 defender weighs 3.1 pounds


remote control included
has usb
Upc n
090925  357389

Editorial Review

The JJRC R1 Defender looks like a cross between an Imperial Stormtrooper and the Incredible Hulk, with Captain America's shield on its shoulders. (Has anybody told Disney about this?) Unlike the Hulk, though, he has a set of moves that would put a Stormtrooper to shame. He fires off projectiles from his machine-gun-like right hand (there are five sockets for five rockets) and he dances. Yes, that's right. He dances -- and he can shoot while he's doing it. His terpsichorean repertoire isn't any threat to the legacy of Gene Kelly -- he can sing, too, but he won't do it while holding an umbrella and spinning around on lampposts -- but he dances about the way you'd expect the Hulk to dance. His hoofing consists mostly of sliding his feet and waving his arms, but elementary-school dance contests have been won with less.

He also has eyes that light up in a menacing green, which makes him look pretty terrifying when the lights are out. His large remote control allows him to spin around, raise his arms, fire some fairly harmless plastic at the living-room vases, and slide his feet across the floor. The remote also has a Program button that allows the robot to repeat his last set of moves, up to 50 of them, over and over until you get royally sick of watching him strut his stuff and program him to do something different. Best of all, you can probably pick up cheap, because he's been discontinued by the manufacturer. Watch for overstock sales or used bots on Ebay. You could find yourself quite a bargain in a toy that will probably keep kids entertained for several few days after the wrapping comes off the package, especially if the kid next door has one and can engage in plastic warfare on the rug. Or just get an extra one so that mom and dad can join in the general mayhem.

If your taste in bots for children runs in a more educational direction, you might give the R1 Defender a pass, given that he's basically a three-trick pony. For genuinely programmable robots, look at the Makeblock Codeybot or the Meccano Meccanoid 2.0, which will launch your budding geniuses on tech careers.

JJRC R1 Defender | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Very good, fast loading, easy to use and fun. Great finish! Product is very well packaged and arrived in perfect condition.

Tom's Guide

My grandson's birthday present and he loved it. It was a perfect present and to see him playing with it was recommendation enough.

Tom's Guide