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JJPro P200 Specifications

6.7" x 6.7" x 2.4"
released date


the jjpro p200 weighs 3.2 pounds


maximum flight time

15 min

video camera included
number of rotors


operating range in feet


remote control included
battery life



Editorial Review

FPV flight can be fairly tricky business. A big reason for this is that many transmitters and receivers experience lag or drop-off when communicating. Though it doesn’t sound like much, one second is enough to send a racer or camera drone into situations beyond recovery, especially where obstacles or harsh conditions exist. This can be overcome with waypoint mapping, which lets the operator predetermine and set the flight course, allowing the drone to fly autonomously. But for racing, especially with goggles, pre-programming is not an option, and the operator can only see what comes through the FPV monitor.

The DJI Phantom 4 is a camera-quad from industry leader DJI that has multiple cameras to assist it in obstacle recognition and avoidance. Its computer processor assesses the visual data in relation to its GPS positioning and a form of AI keeps it out of harm’s way. Racing drones like the Walkera Runner 250 C are stripped-down fliers without the CPUs suited to that level of decision-making, leaving it all in the operator's hands.

The JJPro P200 and its close sibling, the JJRC JJPro P175, are JJRC’s first racers available Ready To Fly -- RTF -- or Almost Ready to Fly -- ARF. The RTF versions come with a transmitter and camera, although neither come with an FPV receiver. The P200 utilizes an EMAX Skyline32 Acro flight controller and comes with 4 flight modes – manual, angle, horizon, and head-holding. Its on-board camera has CMOS 800TVL resolution and there is also has a mount for a GoPro. The EMAX GoPro mount, with 45 degrees of tilt, is a little frame which has to be assembled, with a Velcro strap to lash the camera to it. Good that GoPros are sturdy. The camera mount is on top of the utilitarian quad while the 1300mAh lithium polymer battery likewise is attached to the bottom. The battery port Velcro strap wraps around the middle of the battery, allowing it to slide forward and back, which can cause the battery to jettison during maneuvers. The P200 has 3 individually addressable LEDs as well as an RHCP mushroom antenna for communication between the EM-16 transmitter and FS-A6 receiver.

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The different modes allow for different skill levels, so the user can ease into and learn how to fly these quads to minimise any mishaps.

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