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H6D Specifications

4.3" x 4.1" x 1.4"
maximum flight time

7 min

video camera included
Arrow left
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number of rotors


operating range in feet


remote control included
has usb

Editorial Review

JJRC presents another solid, hobbyist-grade quad to the growing number of FPV toy drones buzzing around with their H6D. It comes with a hobby-grade 2.4 GHz 4-channel controller with FPV screen and sun shade. Like many low-end FPV rigs, the monitor is dim and difficult to see in daylight, even with the shade in place. The 2-megapixel HD camera delivers the expected shaky-cam footage. It has a professed range of 200 meters but 80 meters appears to be the limit for flight control, and it offers 7 minutes aloft. With a 6-axis gyro it is a nimble quad, able to do flips and barrel rolls, and take off with a hand toss.

Interweb giant Amazon, based in the USA, in seeking to use drone technology to facilitate deliveries there, has set up a top-secret drone proving ground in Cambridge, England. After attempting to establish a test site in the US, the nation that brought drones to the world’s consciousness, they opted for the UK owing to stringent FAA regulations. The hidden facility was uncovered by a journalist working for Business Insider after a rebuff by Amazon and the UK Civil Aviation Authority. The resourceful reporter followed leads to a location outside of Cambridge, which provided a glimpse of the pinnacle of research excellence -- an empty field with 2 AstroTurf landing pads and a shed. Very telling that such amenities as those could not be accommodated in North America.

There are an abundance of YouTube renderings which indicate that people are flying drones all over the place in America. If Amazon can’t even practice there, it is difficult not to wonder how they intend to deliver flat-screen TVs and 3D printers once they’ve figured it out. Presently, they are still able to deliver drones to the joyous public and have so many to offer. The Ei-Hi S19R is a hexcopter that uses something called Gravity Control mode to make the controller act as the actual sticks. The cool-sounding Thunder Tiger Robotix Ghost has retractable landing gear and a 3-axis gimbal which supports GoPro Hero cameras, and the Yuneec Typhoon G uses GPS to keep it where it belongs.

JJRC H6D | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Easy to fly even for a first timer! Excellent transmission! Everything is as described. Can't go wrong! Highly recommended quadcopter!

Tom's Guide

Potentially it could be a best-seller... but out of the box you can't really fully enjoy the FPV part especially indoors.

Tom's Guide

This quad is powerful and flies quiet, stable, and does tight flips. Build quality is very good. The camera is the best I've experienced on a micro quad.

Tom's Guide

This is complete crap! Very poor blades, controls and build quality. Finish is good, but the quad is worthless. After some time it stops suddenly in mid-air.

Tom's Guide

Pros: Hovering is stable, quiet, easy to control. Cons: Slightly heavier and low duration battery.

Tom's Guide