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H12W Specifications

released date


maximum flight time

8 min

number of rotors


operating range in feet


phone controllable
remote control included
has wifi
has usb
Upc n
756320  646007

Editorial Review

Drones are everywhere these days, arriving in all manner of forms, each trying to claim ownership of some slice of the ever-expanding drone pie. The JJRC H12W may not wow you upon initial glance, and one may be tempted to overlook it for one of the shinier, gaudier drones out there, but don't be fooled — for a prospective flyer on a budget, the H12W is a surprising value.

A sub-$100 drone as of early 2017, the H12V is a WiFi-enabled FPV flyer. Its 720p capable camera is fairly standard, and its eight minute fly time is unspectacular but acceptable. The H12W really shines in its maximum flight distance, an impressive three hundred meters — roughly three times the average competition at this price. For the budget-conscious flyer seeking a little more adventure out of each flight, such a feature could be extremely valuable.

Drones seem to have set the imaginations of so many alight with their possibilities, resulting in both proposals and actual uses that never cease to amaze in their diversity. While legislative difficulties will create roadblocks for certain applications of this technology, such as in the cases of drone delivery or filming in public places filled with private property, progress will continue — and these wranglings will likely make us all the better for it.

JJRC H12W | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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I love this copter so much, that I have bought two of them (one for myself and one for my son). Even for beginners it is easy to fly... Highly recommended!

Tom's Guide

Live video may occasionally have a slight delay in transmission.

Tom's Guide

A very capable FPV toy drone with a useful set of features including the uncommon altitude hold . . . Control range is an astonishing 300 meters.

Tom's Guide