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Z-603S Specifications

released date


the z-603s weighs 37.5 pounds


has usb
Upc n
744370  447965
build volume
11" x 7.1" x 7.1"

Editorial Review

The city of Shenzen in the Chinese Province of Guangdong has undergone a positively spectacular growth spurt in the past 35 years. Back in 1979, Shenzen was a small town of around 30,000 people, with a strategic location near the Kowloon-Canton Railway providing much of the impetus for taking residence there. That year, however, change begun, as Shenzen was declared the first Chinese Special Economic Zone.

The SEZ is an intriguing experiment in the uniquely Chinese brand of state-sponsored capitalism that has facilitated the nation's explosive economic growth. Beginning primarily as manufacturing centers with a focus on exporting goods, the SEZs have successfully capitalized on the technological boost conferred by their policy of rapid industrialization, becoming centers of technological development and national growth.

Shenzen grew from 30,000 to nearly 11 million people living within its city limits in just 35 years. Its economic landscape is fertile and expanding, with a GDP of over $270 billion in 2015 -- more than some countries, including Portugal and Vietnam. Particularly, hardware production and development thrives in Shenzen, with the famed startup accelerator Hax billing itself as "the world's first and largest hardware accelerator".

Out of this fascinating corner of the world has come Aurora, a fairly nondescript company throwing their hardware development chops into the crowded mix of desktop 3D printer competitors. Their product, the Z603s comes encased in a notably sturdy frame, reminiscent of the Mostfun Sail and the new Makerbot in appearance. While this frame adds a lot of stability (and therefore quality) to the print, some reviewers have found that the printer's proprietary motherboard has been an issue when the non-replaceable motor drivers failed after a few months of use. The cost of replacing the motherboard and driver set is relatively high, so as with any major purchase, may the buyer beware.

JGAurora Z-603S | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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This metal frame...can add a lot of strength to the printer...I am satisfied with the printing result...JGAURORA Z-603S do a good job .

Tom's Guide

Had it up and running in a couple hours. Very great quality. I would recommend this to anyone who is wanting a 3D printer and doesn't want to build it themselves.

Tom's Guide

Working perfectly with an input 110 VAC...printer works very well, I would say fantastic.

Tom's Guide