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Eco-friendly Scooter Specifications

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the eco-friendly scooter weighs 120 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


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Editorial Review

The Jetson Eco-Friendly Scooter-That-Bills-Itself-as-a-Bike-Sometimes draws frequent comparisons to Vespas and Mopeds, for reasons that are likely obvious on sight. Jetson is a company that produces a wide variety of electric vehicles for a multitude of different riders, united by a common excitement for the newly developing electric means of personal transport. Their Scooter is their strong attempt at the most practical of their EVs, a (fairly stylish) commuter vehicle emphasizing a positive impact on the environment (or rather, a reduction of negative impact) and providing a way to travel efficiently without being mired in traffic. What's not to love?

In theory, very little to maybe nothing is not to love about this scooter. The top speed of twenty miles per hour and top range of forty miles on a full charge is great if true, but several customers report that those figures may be slight exaggerations. The Eco-Friendly Scooter can be ridden on the sidewalk or on the road (though the bike lane is probably the ideal space to traverse), as it is both narrow and nimble enough to weave through pedestrians and equipped with turn signals to keep your fellow road travelers sane and safe. The wheels are small as scooters tend to be, making it somewhat susceptible to falling into cracks or potholes, but the tires are thick and hardy enough to take some damage. Additionally, the (relatively) small wheels decrease the work the motor needs to do to force a rotation, providing a sort of economy of horsepower (however meager) that only a scooter form factor could bring. It even has a screen on its console, displaying a readout of speed, miles traversed, and battery capacity.

For most customers, the Jetson Eco-Friendly Scooter seems to have been a solid purchase. There are, however, some lingering concerns that appear unanswered by Jetson regarding their customer service. Currently (circa early 2017) Jetson's website describes itself as "upgrading", but promises new products soon, and encourages folks to reach them via the "contact us" listing on the site. Interested purchasers are recommended to follow through on that encouragement, and are encouraged to peruse some of the other, similar options covered in the botdb electric scooter category.

Jetson Eco-friendly Scooter | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 3

Eco-friendly Scooter Reviews From Around The Web


I am very pleased with the performance and ride comfort so far. The bike is well lit and has high beams and turn signals.

Tom's Guide

The scooter is a bit on the heavy side... The speed control cable limits the speed to 20 mph is too slow to my liking.

Tom's Guide

For the money, one would expect the product to function for longer than 2 months of service. I cannot recommend this product because of this.

Tom's Guide