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E3 Dash Specifications

Dim xl
the e3 dash weighs 49 pounds


maximum speed


Editorial Review

For all practical intents and purposes, the e-bike is a motorcycle. Owing to certain specific variables, the distinction between them allows the one to exist in an unlicensed state. In actuality, some of the first motorcycles were electric bicycles. In order to affix an internal combustion engine and its growing operational adjuncts to a bike, the frame needed to be beefed up, which demanded bigger tires, then shocks, gravity-driven fuel tanks, and all the rest. But underneath those components which make up a motorcycle are the wheels, bars and seat which make a bike. The primary safety advantage of a motorcycle is sonic – they are quite easy to hear coming. The danger is speed because by the time you hear it, it is right on top of you.

Which is a fine reason that e-bikes, for the most part, top out at 20 mph – you really can’t hear them coming. Sharp riders like the Gocycle G2 can travel 40 miles on a charge, then be folded up and stashed in the corner. The Motiv Stout is about 20 lbs. heavier than the Gocycle, but with its enormous tires, it isn’t being folded up and stashed anywhere. Both of these very different e-bikes keep the speed down and avoid additional licensing. But some like a bit more juice under the throttle. The aptly named Prodeco Technologies Outlaw SS will bomb along at a furious 28 mph on throttle with a push.

In case the Outlaw feels like racing, the Izip eBikes E3 Dash could be a contender. Another e-bike that scoffs at statutory regulation, it speeds right along at 28 mph. Motivated by the Currie Electro-Drive center-drive system, it features a down-tube li-ion battery for convenient access. For stopping power, the E3 has Shimano M355 hydraulic disc brakes with 180-mm rotors in front and 160-mm rotors in the rear, all controlled by Shimano hydraulic levers. For a smooth ride, the E3 Dash has Suntour Suspension front forks with 63-mm travel above a 15-mm alloy thru-axle. A useful multi-function LCD on the handlebars furnishes accessibility to multiple pedal-assist levels and provides riding stats.

Izip eBikes E3 Dash | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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For people who are interested in a sportier ride with higher top speeds that’s best suited for city and neighborhood use the IZIP E3 Dash is a solid choice.

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