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the 5 weighs 8.8 pounds


remote control included

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Bidets used to be separate units that looked like toilets without seats. Nowadays, electronic attachments provide the bidet for an already existing toilet, thus saving both plumbing expenses and space. The Izen 5 is one such attachment. Featuring hybrid tank/instant heat technology and a 3-in-1 wash system, it uses a stainless steel wand to provide massage wash, posterior wash, enema "vortex" wash, and a wide-stream feminine wash. One-click auto mode delivers a bubble-infused water stream. There's an oscillating wash option, and water temperature, pressure, and position are adjustable. A mini side panel with Auto Mode controls, a wireless remote with LED screen, a built-in deodorizer, a self-cleaning system, a temperature adjustable, self-closing seat and lid, and an air dry option round out this amazing product. Lastly, there is a safety sensor, presumably to prevent the contented user from falling in.

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The wash is super comfortable compare to toilet paper. The temperature is adjustable...After a washing and drying cycle you feel squeaky clean...remote is very nice.

Tom's Guide

This is a fantastic bidet - it is basically everything I wanted...heated seat is very nice...heated water stream is blows really warm air.

Tom's Guide