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Kwik Dial Specifications

6.9" x 4" x 9"
released date


the kwik dial weighs 3 pounds


has scheduling
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Editorial Review

If you're not a professional installer of irrigation systems, then the Irritrol Kwik Dial isn't for you. That is, it may be for you, but you probably won't be the one making that decision. Irritrol markets to professionals who use their equipment as part of the sprinkler system in your yard. You may have some of their irrigation controllers outside your house right now and not even know it.

The thing about products that are made for professional contractors is that they're either really good because the contractor is staking their reputation on the quality of the equipment or they're cheaply made because the contractor wants to keep profit margins as high as possible. We're going to bet that Irritrol's products fall into the first category, because that only seems fair. And because they make so many of them. No company can thrive the way Irritrol does by manufacturing shoddy equipment.

Not that you're going to have much say in it. If the landscaper you hired to turn your yard into a work of botanical beauty decides to use the Irritrol Kwik Dial to control your smart sprinkler system, the first you know about it may be when you see it tucked discreetly behind the garage, directing water to your lawn or your bed of gardenias. For the record, the Kwik Dial can adjust watering based on the weather. It may have Irritrol's rain sensors attached to it so that it will know what that weather is like. It can be programmed to water differently by day of the month in compliance with local water-use regulations. It may also have a remote control so that you can change watering patterns on the fly should conditions change.

If you decide to use a different irrigation control system, you can point your contractor toward the Bluespray 24 Zone or the Asante Irrigation Controller. But there's no guarantee your contractor will listen to you.

Irritrol Kwik Dial | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Great replacement for my previous model...This item was affordable and easy to set up.

Tom's Guide

Easy to operate controller. No problems with setting or adjusting watering times or stations.

Tom's Guide

Programming was easy. No hiccups and everything worked first time! Only improvement would be if it had a threaded coupler/ conduit for the supply power.

Tom's Guide