Irrigationcaddy IC-W1

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IC-W1 Specifications

7.1" x 1.4" x 4.6"
released date


the ic-w1 weighs 2 pounds


phone controllable
has scheduling
has wifi
has usb
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Editorial Review

"Water, water, every where," wrote Samuel Taylor Coleridge in his epic poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner." "Nor any drop to drink."

Coleridge was writing about the undrinkable salt water surrounding and tormenting the thirsty sailors aboard a becalmed ship, but he might as well have been writing about...well, nothing involving sprinkling and irrigation systems, except that his sailors probably would have sold their own mothers for an Irrigationcaddy IC-W1 and a decent supply of potable water they could attach it to. Then, if they'd had any water left over, they would have planted a garden on the foredeck, pulled out their iPhones to set up an irrigation schedule and leaned back in deck chairs to enjoy the beauty of their begonias and bougainvillea while sipping water and enjoying a luxurious banquet of sea food. Coleridge, after all, was a well-known opium addict, so all of this probably would have made perfect sense to him.

Unless you're lucky enough to live on a beachfront, you probably don't have undrinkable saltwater to worry about, but it's likely that you have a lawn, garden and a few other items that need watering from time to time. Or maybe you have a farm. Either way, you could probably find a way to put the Irrigationcaddy to good use. The IC-W1 is an irrigation controller that will work with as many as 10 different watering zones, 43 if you shell out some additional money to expand it. It can be programmed from your smartphone or from the unit itself, with six different watering programs available depending on the needs of your plants and your climate.

Be warned that the IC-W1 gets a number of less than kind reviews from online users, but since you aren't trapped in a becalmed sailing ship you have the luxury of checking the marketplace for alternative irrigation controllers, like the Bluespray 24 Zone.

Irrigationcaddy IC-W1 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

IC-W1 Reviews From Around The Web


This is also true with the android phone interface. Easy on, hard to turn off. This is my only complaint. Otherwise, this is a great unit.

Tom's Guide

This is my first wi-fi computer controlled control unit, it is so much better than the manual ones I will never look back.

Tom's Guide

Very easy to install. Works great. I did have to google how to set up the cloud feature. Highly recommend!

Tom's Guide