Instone Inventor Pro

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Inventor Pro Specifications

the inventor pro weighs 26.5 pounds


has wifi
has usb
Upc n
614405  175234
build volume
9.4" x 6.3" x 6.3"

Editorial Review

As consumer technologies develop, there seems to be a general trend: the top of the heap separates quickly, with a few top players competing with themselves, and the middle and bottom of the markets flood with all manner of competition. Some may call this a "race to the bottom," withe price being the chief consideration for the vast majority of new entrants into the industry. The Instone Inventor Pro is illustrative of the truth of this concept: an affordable, fully assembled and enclosed FDM printer, it is a nevertheless unspectacular product that more or less competes on price alone with the likes of the CoLiDo Compact and the New Matter MOD-t.

The heated bed is the first box the Inventor Pro checks, a key and not always present feature for printers in the sub-$500 range. Heated beds are known to greatly improve print quality through the prevention of warping experienced when extruded plastic begins to cool. The Inventor Pro also features bed-leveling assist, which is helpful (if not fully automated), and WiFi printing, which is both nifty and not always present for printers of this price range (or even on slightly more expensive models). All told, the Inventor Pro is nothing extraordinary, but it's fairly easy to get up and running, can achieve a respectable resolution of 100 microns, and looks pretty cool to boot. If you're new to 3D printing and aren't quite prepared for the arduous task of assembling one yourself, the Inventor Pro is a good way to go.

Instone Inventor Pro | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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It looked quite nice, better than I expected. For the price I ordered ($509), this 3D printer works great and worth the money...

Tom's Guide

I was very disappointed with the manual and I tried to contact manufacturer for help and they did not respond. Manual was very poor!

Tom's Guide