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Quick-2 Specifications

Dim xl
the quick-2 weighs 2 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


battery life



Editorial Review

The land of electric scooters is a crowded terrain filled with some variety. Broadly speaking, e-scooters appear as both seated, as in the case of the Urb-E Black Label, as well as the more traditional stand-up build, displayed by such options as Bravo's Sport Revolution. As is typified by this duo, the seated options most frequently enter the market as an urban transport vehicle, an emissions-free alternative to popping blood vessels in traffic-induced road rage, whereas the classic scooter build equipped with a motor is more often positioned as more of a toy.

With the Quick 2, Inokim has effectively shattered this mold. This stylish, foldable electric scooter, built for standing use only, debuted at an extremely expensive price -- belying the fact that this is not meant to be a toy. Key features of the Quick 2 only serve to confirm this sentiment. As many riders of foldable e-scooters can likely attest, carry the folded scooter can be a bit cumbersome -- an issue Ikimo addresses with their convenient carry handle. The 16 MPH top speed and impressive battery options further suggest the Quick 2's adptitudes suit it for urban transport, and perhaps the most impressive feature of all seals the deal -- the Inokim Quick 2 features a cruise control option.

The sum of this feature set is a stand-up electric scooter, intelligently designed for an emissions free urban commute. Those in the market for a new way to zip around in style, who also have a decent chunk of change to spare, would be well served by perusing this stellar offering.

Inokim Quick-2 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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There is no other scooter like it in the market. Smooth in both manual and electric mode, the inokim is truly made for the hard knocks of the roads...

Tom's Guide

Great little scooter. Came ready to ride right out of the box. Just unfolded it and was on the street right away... Love the quiet ride...

Tom's Guide

I have only been riding it for about 30 miles but so far it is absolutely amazing... The cruise control feature is really nice and there are three levels of speed...

Tom's Guide

The inokim is capable of traveling for long distances on one charge... It is capable of traveling at a top speed at a simple press of a button...

Tom's Guide