InnoGear 500mL Cool Mist

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500mL Cool Mist Specifications

4" x 4" x 4"
the 500ml cool mist weighs 0.8 pounds


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Editorial Review

Whether or not you believe that there are any actual therapeutic benefits to aromatherapy, you have to admit that essential oils -- you know, the sweet-smelling stuff extracted from plants around the world -- can make a room smell like, well, plants from around the world. And that's good. The InnoGear 500mL Cool Mist, which looks a bit like a glowing birthday cake, can waft fragrant aromas around a 400 square foot room for up to 10 hours (six if you have it on the high-intensity mode). And it lights up, cycling through seven different colors of LED light to give the room a warm glow. Whether you're planning an evening alone or an intimate soiree with your significant other, this should improve the quality, and the odor, of your nightlife.

In addition to an aromatherapy and chromatherapy device, the InnoGear 500mL Cool Mist serves as a humidifier, an air purifier, an ionizer and a night light, so the air you breathe won't just smell better, it will be scoured of bacteria and dust. And if the air is dry, it will make those crusty flakes on your forehead go away. That's quite a lot of functionality for a device that weighs a little over a pound. Of course, that's when it's empty. The Cool Mist can hold up to 500 milliliters of water and a few drops of essential oil. (More than a few drops and you may need to flee the house until it stops smelling like a perfume factory.) The LED light can be set to cycle through its seven colors or remain on only one, at two different levels of brightness. When the water is gone and the last drop of essential oil has wafted into the atmosphere, the Cool Mist will politely turn itself off. A measuring cup is provided for the water and there's a user's manual in case you can't figure out how the buttons work. No essential oils are included.

While the Cool Mist sounds like a wonderful way to light up your life, there are competing aromatherapy devices on the market (though this may be the only one that comes with a built-in ionizer). Also take a look at the Welledia Wellspring and the SpaRoom AromaMist.

InnoGear 500mL Cool Mist | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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The size is small yet can go all night and then some. Auto shuts off just in case and I love the clean use of essential oils. Cleaning is as easy as wipe and refill!

Tom's Guide

This product does very little to make my living room smell like my Doterra Oil. I am using up to 20 drops of oil and there is still no smell.

Tom's Guide