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QQ2 Basic Specifications

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the qq2 basic weighs 6 pounds


remote control included
battery life


has scheduling

Editorial Review

There are a lot of QQ models. Infinuvo has released at least six versions of its flagship robotic vacuum. Their names feature combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols, from the QQ2 Plus to the QQ2 LT to the QQ3 T.

The only one that bucks the trend is the Basic. Yet this model purports to have more features than some of its more science-fiction sounding counterparts, including the QQ2 L. Which model came first and which is the upgrade is hard to decipher.

Like most of Infinuvo's products, the Basic does its best work on hardwood and laminate floors. Carpets thicker than a half inch have caused a myriad of hiccups.

Despite its name, the Basic does share a luxury feature with its fellow QQ vacuums. It's the unit's onboard UV light. The Basic shoots the light upon the floor as it vacuums, disinfecting the surface beneath it. It's another clear indication that the Basic is meant for hard floors and not carpet.

The Basic also features the QQ line's most conservative color scheme. The unmistakable lime green that shows up on all of Infinuvo's other vacuums has been relegated to a strip of buttons on the Basic.

It's worth noting that the Basic is the easiest to find of all Infinuvo vacuums. It's available at several online retailers; the same cannot be said of many other models in the QQ line.

Several users have noted that the Basic picks up dust, but nothing bigger. It can leave behind crumbs, pet hair, household debris, and other items above the granular level.

For all its flaws, the Basic has one almighty point in its favor: its price. This is one of the cheapest robotic vacuums available. In that context, it's a contender. Remote control, collision detection, UV disinfection are all features one would expect to find at the higher end of the market.

The Basic is not a great vacuum. Compared to industry giants like Roomba and Samsung, it falls short in design and performance. But it offers just enough bells and whistles for its price that a determined penny pincher might give it a try.

Infinuvo QQ2 Basic | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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A real bargain, unbeatable for the price!

Tom's Guide

Very disappointed! Was useless on low carpet and next to useless on hard floor. Very poor suction.

Tom's Guide

This unit works very well to clean hard surface floor and low pile carpet. I am happy with this low cost model as long as it does cleaning and vacuum job.

Tom's Guide

Poor use of money! Just an expensive toy. OK on hard floors but useless on carpet. Pet fur on carpet not moved at all. Gets easily hung up on cords.

Tom's Guide

Super value cleaner on market! This red cutie helps me to clean up pet hairs and small debris. It has all the good features of more expensive unit.

Tom's Guide

Pretty good on hard surfaces but NOT on carpet.

Tom's Guide