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Hovo 780 Specifications

the hovo 780 weighs 6 pounds


remote control included
has hepa filter
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Editorial Review

Why buy a robot vacuum cleaner like the iRobot Roomba 761 when you can have a handy automated house cleaner that can do it all: sweep, vacuum, mop and sterilize? The Infinuvo Hovo 780 floor-cleaning robot can do all that and more, including sift microscopic allergens out of the air with a HEPA filter. It can handle hardwood, carpet, linoleum and tile using both a roller brush and suction, and it can mop the hardwood floor using ordinary tap water (though it can also use special cleaning solutions).

The Hovo's cleaning schedule can be set up using controls on its touch panel LED display or by voice activation, so you can talk to it like Siri or Alexa. (It probably doesn't know any good jokes, though, so it won't replace those two AI empresses as the resident humorists in the household.) It uses lithium-ion batteries for long battery life and returns to its charger when it senses that its on-board power is getting low. It has dual side brushes to handle corners and edges, though its round shape probably won't handle corners as well as the D shape of an iRobot Braava 320 robotic mopper will. It has a large dustbin that the manufacturer claims is easy to pull out and empty when the unit fills up.

An ultraviolet light inside the unit kills germs as they pass through, so that the ones that escape back onto the floor will at least be clean. If you don't want to use either the control panel or the voice control, the Hovo also comes with a remote control. The unit has a turbo mode to handle especially bad dirt problems, like the one that's been building up under your bed while you haven't been looking. At this writing the unit is fairly new and reviews are scarce, but the few that have been posted so far are glowing. Nonetheless, you'll want to compare the Hovo to some of the other floor-cleaning bots on the market, like the Ecovacs Deebot R95, which despite its name isn't D-shaped, or the RolliTech Rollibot Genius BL-800.

Infinuvo Hovo 780 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It is so nice and so good. I like this robot, I have ordered for my friends and my family.

Tom's Guide

Works greatly! Loving it! Great features!

Tom's Guide