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the riage  weighs 275 pounds


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Editorial Review

Massage chairs come in a couple of functional varieties. The manual type requires the massagee to sit facing the chair and lean forward across a padded seat with their face on a padded rest. Whereby a masseur or masseuse applies the massage to the exposed regions until bliss is attained. These chairs are fairly lightweight and portable and usually come with someone to operate them. Owing to their nature they tend to be transient if not migratory, so they are not always available when desired. The other kind of massage chair is electric and requires the user to sit in it like a big hand whereby the chair itself provides the massaging goodness. These chairs are big and squishy and comfy and heavy, thus not to be moved about with abandon. They are also expensive.

Some of them are fairly nondescript, disguising their massaging ways from those with perhaps less appreciation for their wonders. The Human Touch HT-7450 could pass for an office chair in an office devoutly to be wished for, to be sure. The rocking Inada Yu-Me adds a new level of opulence to the usual rolling and compressing. The Infinity Iyashi brings style and luxury to its boundless comforts.

From elsewhere in the Infinity family comes the Riage. Less overt in its intentions than the Iyashi, the Riage still possesses some sleek and space-age design elements. Boasting the longest massage stroke on the market, they claim to go where no others have gone before. For the sensation of human hands, the Rubbing Massage works the muscles to refreshing revitalization in your own happy place. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to program the audio experience of your desire as the rollers of the S-track work their particular magic to relieve spinal tension and reduced ecstasy.

Infinity Riage | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

Riage Reviews From Around The Web


The massage is amazing! It literally feels like human hands, and the rollers go all the way from my neck and shoulders to my thigh and glutes!

Tom's Guide

Great quality and leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Love the calf and arm squeeze. It also goes down to your glutes which a lot of chairs don't.

Tom's Guide

Everyone who sits in it feels like they are in heaven. I'm 6'4" so the roller system compliments my height very well.

Tom's Guide