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Iyashi Specifications

Dim xl
the iyashi  weighs 285 pounds


remote control included
has bluetooth
Upc n
071549  529147

Editorial Review

The pressures of modern life can take their toll upon the physical well-being of the active consumer. Stress can lead to many unfortunate symptoms, often localizing in the mid to lower back. Office chairs, especially the low-rent ones, can be especially hard on the backs of those who occupy them for many hours a day. Car seats, with the added dismay of other drivers, can really ratchet up the stress factor, and public transit is no cushion of repose. The fact that millions of people who do no appreciable lifting or bending suffer painful back and muscle issues suggests that something must be done.

Massage. As we cannot collectively reduce the things which distress us, we must individually seek our best recourse for amelioration. The problem of the massage table is also its attribute: it requires a human to operate it to maximize its efficiency. Humans well versed in the art of massage are undeniably attributes. The problem is, then, that such activities come with a well-deserved fee, usually money, sometimes reciprocity. This can prove costly or strenuous, neither condition appropriate to the reduction of stress.

Infinite Therapeutics offers a solution to the human equation with the Infinity Iyashi. This is something Kirk could have used on the bridge of the Enterprise, where it looks like it originated. It has back rollers, kind of an inverted skateboard rig, that offer 49 inches of travel along with 3-speed foot rollers. There is a lumbar heater and a waist twist function which undulate the hips of the sitter. It has 38 airbags which compress around the arms, legs and body with 5 levels of intensity. As the controller is attached to the Iyashi, it isn’t really remote, but does offer LCD screen function options, including lights and music. Incense is optional.

Infinity Iyashi | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The benefits of this chair vs the cost. A great value. This is a serious machine. Not for those looking for a light massage.

Tom's Guide

We love this chair... I love the foot rollers and the extra long massage track that gets all the way down to the seat. They were so helpful!

Tom's Guide

All I can say is wow.... This chair makes me feel like a star. The bluetooth makes it great. I just wish I could crank it to an insane level.

Tom's Guide

Our whole family loves it... The massage is very therapeutic and amazing. We are very active individuals and we definitely notice a change in our lives.

Tom's Guide