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IT 8500 Specifications

Dim xl
the it 8500 weighs 229 pounds


remote control included
has usb
Upc n
896925  002546

Editorial Review

The price of an Infinity IT 8500 automated massage chair may look high, but it's just in the upper mid-range of robo-chair prices in general. Still, buying one will take a stiff enough chunk out of your credit account that it had better have enough features to justify it. And, as they like to say in pictures of cute cats, it haz them. It's designed for the kind of therapeutic uses that may convince your insurance company to pick up some of that price tag for you, if you can get a doctor to vouch for your special needs. Press the Extend button on the remote and the chair will lean you back, analyze the curvature of your dorsal regions, then start squeezing your hips, legs, arms and feet with airbags while swiveling you back and forth. During the 45 minutes of the Extend mode program, it will run you through the gamut of techniques that an automated massage chair can apply: kneading, rocking, tapping and running rollers along your back.

The pièce de résistance of this full-body work out is when the chair rolls you back into zero-gravity position, evening out pressure over your entire body, and begins the Stretch. The footrest will literally pull your feet forward, stretching you while the massage continues. And if that doesn't convince your insurance company that this chair will fix whatever bodily ailments you're suffering from, well...just hope your credit card isn't maxed out yet.

Even for the price, the IT 8500 is an impressive machine and the Extend program isn't the only trick it can pull. You can customize routines from the remote control, which is located on an extended arm where you can reach it even while stretched out. To prove that there are even more expensive, if not more impressive, massage chairs, see the Adako Zenith and the Inada Dreamwave. For the budget minded (and those who can't get their insurance companies to pay for the IT 8500), see the low-cost Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 and the Real Relax Favor-01.

Infinity IT 8500 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I use this chair once a day and truly believe it helps keep me pain free from tight muscles. I have other massage chairs before but this one really works great for me.

Tom's Guide

I have had the Infinity IT-8500 massage chair and it has done more good to me. I do believe it aligns my lower back. After using it, the pain is almost gone!

Tom's Guide

This chair that i purchased is the best investment. I have done, the folks that I dealt with were awesome. The chair is the Infinity 8500 you have to ease in it!

Tom's Guide

Amazing chair! Almost every mode in this chair is excellent especially the extend and stretch mode. My stress and lower back pain reduce within a few uses.

Tom's Guide

Great massage does hands so well... I am only 5'2" so the leg thing is impossible for me and so I get frustrated. I want a chair that gets my feet and legs

Tom's Guide