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Dim xl
the escape weighs 242 pounds


remote control included
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Editorial Review

In order to justify our myriad luxuries, we perhaps manufacture distresses to demonstrate the urgency of relief as a fair and just compensation. We manifest the stress to warrant the relaxation. The problem with this becomes immediately evident -- as we improve and enhance our relaxations to the verge of absolute bliss, our reciprocal pains must take on horrific qualities in order to even hope to maintain a level of psychological equilibrium. Thus, for the limitless delights of the electric massage chair, it is not hard to imagine the stresses leading to its creation being considerable. This notion may be borne out in the fact that it was invented in Japan in 1940.

Today’s battles tend more to internal struggles, at least in places where things like massage chairs enter the discussion. It is easy to understand why people suffering backache and stress from sitting on an office chair all day would want to go home to a welcoming seat that offers comfort and satiety. Infinity makes a wide line of massage chairs to aid humankind’s quest for that relaxing repose. The Infinity Iyashi is a massager that would look at home on the bridge of any self-respecting spaceship whereas the Escape appears more living room-worthy.

The Escape works its magic in part with a 47” L-Track roller system that massages from the neck down the back, where it wraps under to accommodate the glutes. The Zero-G recline reduces spinal compression while lowering the heart rate to maximize relaxation. Advanced upper body airbags retain the shoulders while the lower bags grip and stretch, aiding spinal alignment, the rollers working in harmonious accord to increase the bliss factor markedly. The Escape is equipped with 38 multi-layered airbags which provide compression therapy to increase circulation and lower blood pressure. Arm and leg airbags tend to those extremities while the sole and foot massage incorporates airbags and rollers to handle the feet.

Infinity Escape | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The chair is amazing. My family has to take turns every night getting in the chair. Neighbors are now coming over! The controller and programs work great.

Tom's Guide

The chair is wonderful and we would recommend it to anyone looking for an Ltrack chair under $3000. So far it's worth every penny.

Tom's Guide

The shoulder air bags/compression would be good for a man or someone large with wide shoulders. The anti gravity is great! The neck/back/hip and buttock massage is fantastic!

Tom's Guide