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Flex 3s Specifications

Dim xl
the flex 3s  weighs 165 pounds


remote control included
Upc n
893959  002542

Editorial Review

For those who like to be massaged with confidence, perhaps even with hubris, the Inada Flex 3s presents the massage to beat. As the humble makers of The World’s Best Massage Chair, the Flex3s is touted as the chair that will not only enhance but indeed change your life. Which is good if you have a horrible life. But as most of those shopping for massage chairs aren’t doing that badly, this might not be the best inducement. Inada’s engineering and choreography purport to make the Flex3s the world’s solitary repository of stretching and shiatsu massage intertwined in a chair. Featuring 11 preprogrammed sessions including Full Body, Full Body and Stretch, Low Body and Stretch All, the Flex3s can also be customized to suit the user’s personal proclivities. Air-cell compression of the arms, legs and feet combine with the heating of hands and the soles to ratchet up the comfort factor to 11.

Few things have the rejuvenating effect upon the stress-ridden human body as the ancient practice of rubbing it. Early humans, through empirical research and endless experimentation, discovered that the simple kneading of sore or pained areas of the body felt good. Evolution accorded humanity with the deep wisdom that getting other people to provide for their kneads felt even better. Thus, the art of massage was spawned. In a world where so many cause so many others pain, the attraction of them instead giving comfort, relief and even pleasure certainly speaks to their higher impulses.

Of course, reality places demands upon us which negate the ability to enjoy such relaxations at will --work, family, time constraints. Alternatives must be found. Fortunately, the Interweb abounds with them, so there is no need to despair. Saving up might be a good idea, though. If your nest egg can accommodate a real commitment, the Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium lets you shell out for some pleather-wrapped comfort. Promising to give acupressure a run for its money, the Fujiiryoki FJ-4600 Dr. Fuji offers its relaxation-deprived users the many benefits of zero-g. And if you like to rock out while settling in, the Inada Yu-Me could be soothing enough to render you unconscious.

Inada Flex 3s | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I got a great deal on the chair... Everyone should own one of these!

Tom's Guide

The Inada brand chairs were the best. I gave the Inada Flex 3s a try and now I'm a proud owner of one. By far the best massage chair I've ever sat it! I

Tom's Guide