Immersionrc Vortex 285

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Vortex 285 Specifications

11.8" x 7.9" x 1.6"
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the vortex 285 weighs 0.8 pounds


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remote control included
has usb
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Editorial Review

Sports giant ESPN has made clear its intention to bring the excitement of quad-racing rotorcross into the eyes and ears of sports aficionados everywhere. At least those with cable. It is good that they are up for a challenge owing to the necessary logistical problems posed by such an endeavor. Racing quads are small and fast and, beyond exhibiting their FPV feed, difficult to film competitively. In fact, the optimal approach to filming an event of this nature would be from the perspective of a quad, which then will demand vastly improved FPV systems because image lag and signal drop-off will not play well on TV.

Another issue for adequate presentation is racer aesthetic. Automobiles, boats, and aircraft all have sleek and aerodynamic designs and lots of space on their bodies, hulls or fuselages on which to slap their sponsors' various iconography. Racing quads, like the Walkera Runner 250 R or the Blade Vortex 250 Pro, are up for the competition but are not particularly camera pretty. Trying to keep track of a flat, black quad smaller than a shoe-box that zips around an aeronautical course between 35 and 60 mph, and is surrounded by other, similar-looking quads, should offer no shortage of creative challenges. The aesthetically appealing Walkera Furious 320, which flies over 70 mph, should make any sports photographer earn their keep.

The ImmersionRC Vortex 285 is a foldable, carbon fiber/injected plastic FPV racing quad. Among its attributes is its integrated, full-graphic OSD transmitter, operating at 5.8GHz to avoid interference with 2.4GHz signals. The 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer incorporate a barometer, and combine to stabilize the Vortex 285’s performance. Programmed with CleanFlight, the Vortex 285 is future-proof, able to support future updates via an integrated USB port on the back of the quad. The Vortex 285 has a flexible camera mount to optimize perspective during FPV flight and which will support HD cams like the Mobius or GoPro. Its 3A switching regulator allows any HD camera to be powered by the flight pack, eliminating the need for additional batteries. The FPV camera is compatible with Fat Shark video goggles.

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Excellent product design! Very happy with the vortex. It has surpassed my expectations. I'll probably go with ImmersionRC for any future race quad rigs.

Tom's Guide

If this is going to be your first quad I would not recommend this. It is fast but not stable so it is not for beginners.

Tom's Guide

This quad is amazing to fly! It has plenty of power. It will fly with a 2200mah battery for 10-12 minutes... It is a very good quality quad and fun to fly.

Tom's Guide

They did a great job on the quad but I think they need a version 2.0 or 3.0 to address the fragile parts of the quad and lower the parts count possibly.

Tom's Guide