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Pen Specifications

14" x 13" x 3"
the pen weighs 1.3 pounds


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Editorial Review

Since 3D printing, aka, additive manufacturing or AM, may be the future of manufacturing, it makes sense to get the future of our species acclimated to its wonders. There are now ways for kids to experiment with 3D building processes without the expense of 3D printers -- for example, the 3D pen. Instead of sculpting clay to make Dad's favorite mug, kids can use a 3D pen, like the Future Make Polyes Q1, to sculpt him the Eiffel Tower or a dragon vacationing at the Eiffel Tower. At least according to the packaging.

While the concept of a 3D pen for kids is terrific, items such as the IDO3D Art Pen seem rather dubious despite optimistic YouTube videos. This is unsurprising given the extremely low price and the lack of product or company information on the website, which does feature talented and enthusiastic children to answer a few questions. Apparently, the pen works by squeezing out ink that is most likely mixed into a glue base onto a plastic tracing sheet, then drying the "art" with what looks like a small LED flashlight. There is a clear dome onto which the young artisan can draw round shapes, and a pattern book. The IDO3D Art kit comes with pens of green, red, and yellow but no purple or blue, both of which colors are featured on the box. AAA batteries are required but not included.

The tip of the IDo3D Art Pen is adjustable to create thicker or thinner lines. The spotlight must be held as closely as possible to the project for drying though some users suggest leaving it out in the sun to reduce drying time. This curing process is tricky as the ink may harden if the tip is left open, yet because of the glue-y base, the project could become a sticky puddle. Any ink can be removed with alcohol-based solvents, which points to the temporary nature of anything made by this pen. The other major problem users have is that the pen requires tremendous grip strength for a pretty inconsistent flow. So while user consensus -- that is, of adults -- is fairly negative, remember that this pen markets itself as a toy for small kids, and not much more.

IDo3D Pen | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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It is an absolute nightmare and by far the worst art project kit I have ever used in my life.

Tom's Guide

This is a pretty cool product. My son loves drawing buildings and assembling his own designs.

Tom's Guide