Ic Real Tech Allie Home 360

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Allie Home 360 Specifications

3" x 3" x 3.5"
released date


the allie home 360 weighs 0.6 pounds


video camera included
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phone controllable
has wifi
has bluetooth
has usb
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Editorial Review

Is the IC Real Tech Allie Home 360 a telepresence robot? Is it a home security camera? Is it a clever way to keep an eye on your kids, your pets, or your valuable collection of Dresden china? In theory, it can be all of the above, depending on how you use it.

What it is, really, is a small spherical camera set in a circular base with a pair of fish-eye lenses, one mounted on each side. Using the accompanying mobile app, these dual lenses give you a seamless 360-degree view around the camera, which you can rotate using the app to get a view of the camera's surroundings on the screen of your phone or tablet. You can even live-stream the image to a compatible VR headset for a full you-are-there experience. Turn your head in the VR device and the camera's view rotates with you. Pretty cool!

So what are the practical applications for this? You could certainly use it to watch a meeting in progress, even though you won't actually be able to participate in it. For that you'd need to simultaneously make a conference call. And you can use it to make sure that nobody's breaking into your apartment to steal that Dresden china, but if someone does, you'll have to call the police yourself. The IC Real Tech is just a passive observer, albeit one that's capable of looking over its virtual shoulder to show you what's happening behind it.

Compared to telepresence robots like the Double Robotics Double or a Suitable Technologies Beam+, though, a brand new IC Real Tech Allie Home 360 is surprisingly inexpensive, so despite its lack of features it could be seen as a low-cost way of keeping your eye on situations you can't be physically present for, even if all you can do is watch.

Ic Real Tech Allie Home 360 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Aside from that the application is very buggy. Prompts are not grammatically correct/written in proper English.

Tom's Guide

I got the camera up and running in a few minutes...streams directly to my Iphone 6 plus, or to my computer...app is fairly stable, I hope they keep improving it.

Tom's Guide

Camera live streams, records and photographs in 360 degrees, so you can see everything that's happening in a room all at once.

Tom's Guide

Has fewer security features than the $70 Ezviz Mini. That means no motion or sound detection, no alerts, no rules or scheduling, no arm/disarm modes.

Tom's Guide