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Aqua Specifications

the aqua weighs 7.1 pounds


remote control included
battery life


self charging
has scheduling
has hepa filter
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Editorial Review

iBoto is an international company, based in Seoul, Hong Kong and Moscow, which in a global economy is unsurprising, but if you want to read the product descriptions on their Web pages you need a browser that does the Russian-to-English translation for you. This is rather like getting the information from an actual robot, which tells you that the Aqua "will not leave dirt no chance." Which is good. Dirt on your floor deserves no chance at all. To give it no chance, the Aqua does wet and dry cleaning, finishing the job off with ultraviolet decontamination, which also gives germs no chance. Wading through the Anglicized Cyrillic you also learn that it collects dust through vacuum filtration, has moist wiping cloths that keep themselves hydrated from a removable water tank, plus infrared proximity sensors that let it avoid objects and sudden drops.

The Aqua comes with virtual walls to prevent it from wandering where no robot dare roll. The water in the tank is good for about 60 square meters, which in the non-metric part of the world equates to about 645 square feet. Reviewers, possibly Russian, note that it talks to the owner with a Chinese accent, which suggests just how multinational a device it is. (The voice can be turned off.) There are bumpers, in case physical contact with walls is needed, and side brushes, to clean those hard-to-reach places. The Aqua has four cleaning modes and can sense which one is appropriate for the surface that it's working on.

The battery lasts 120 minutes, which is pretty good for a robotic floor cleaner, and it has the smarts to recharge itself when it feels the low-power blues coming on. The filters are HEPA-type, which means they can trap particles smaller than the filter mesh. There is, of course, a remote control, though no indication in English or Russian that it has WiFi connectivity or a smartphone app. For units with both, you may want to look at the RolliTech Rollibot Genius BL-800 or the Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner instead. They also leave dirt no chance.

iBoto Aqua | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Able to pick up garbage, perform wet cleaning, and even to some extent disinfect the floor surface...returns to base to recharge the battery and can be programmed.

Tom's Guide

Relatively quiet. It has a wet rag mode...speaks English with a strong Chinese accent, rather annoying, but it can not be disabled.

Tom's Guide

Nice model to look at, almost no operate this vacuum cleaner is very easy - just press a few buttons and the cleaning will begin.

Tom's Guide