HyVision Cubicon Style

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Cubicon Style Specifications

13.8" x 12.7" x 19.1"
the cubicon style weighs 33.1 pounds


has hepa filter
build volume
5.9" x 5.9" x 5.9"

Editorial Review

True to its name, the attractive, affordable, and compact Hyvision Cubicon Style is capable of impressive print quality and consistency straight out of the box. Brought to you by the folks who produced the equally pretty Cubicon Lux, the Style features an easy-removal, coated metal heating bed, auto-leveling of the build plate, and a HEPA-certified filter to address the growing concerns of harmful print particles entering the breathing air. Reviewers are also quick to note the remarkable quietness of the Style's printing; one Mark Lee actually went ahead and measured this quality and found the print noise to max out at a mere 35 decibels - just over the decibel count of the sum of whispers in a typically hushed library.

The "style" element of the Style is of particular note as well. Like its SLA cousin, the Lux, the Style features a glossy black finish that adorns the entirety of the fully enclosed printer save for the button panel above the door to the build area. This metallic panel comes finished with a clearly read digital display and a mere four buttons - all that is needed to navigate a Style print job. This is likely the closest 3D printer available today to the industry standard of "microwave-simple" operation - the very idea that drove the premature marketing push behind one-time dominant consumer 3D printer brand Makerbot.

This fine, pretty, and thoroughly affordable product firmly puts Hyvision on the map as a significant competitor in the desktop 3D printer game, positioning yet another South Korean company to take a leading role in the emergent technology world. In a country that features electronics giants like Samsung and LG and whose capital is known as the "leading digital city" in the world. This proximity both to major market influencers in the tech world and manufacturing powerhouses such as China and Taiwan figure to place Hyvision and the Cubicon series in the running to take the global market by storm.

HyVision Cubicon Style | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The Cubicon Style seemed to meet my requirements... It really is very good... The Cubicreator software is great... Very happy with my Cubicon Style!

Tom's Guide

It will blow your mind with the quality of prints straight out of the box. It has been extremely capable and highly reliable, particularly with ABS.

Tom's Guide