HyVision Cubicon Lux

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Cubicon Lux Specifications

released date


the cubicon lux weighs 34.4 pounds


has usb
build volume
3.9" x 3" x 5.7"

Editorial Review

The year 2016 has, for the 3D printing industry, been one of steady growth through the trough of disillusionment. Currently, Dubai is home to the first 3D printed office, a proof of concept for an entirely 3D printed building in the wealthy city, which will purportedly serve as proof of concept for an entirely 3D printed urban expansion. Food Ink is a London restaurant offering a "multi-sensory food experience", which basically translates to a nine course 3D printed meal, eaten with 3D printed utensils, on 3D printed furniture. Printing in metals, hard thermoplastics, and circuitry continue to develop, expanding the potential for what can be made. The medical field has long been a realm of success, as 3D printing finds applications in bioprinting (particularly at the nano level), prosthetic limb manufacturing, and the production of artificial organs among other advances.

The mobilization of manufacturing, as a broad concept, has only just begun to touch our lives and impact the change it ought to fully realize in the years to come. The modern users of desktop 3D printers are skilled tinkerers, with a knowledge of CAD and a capacity for fiddling with failure-prone hardware. They aren't the everyman user just yet-- but they're a young group of people with an entirely new class of skills, one that continues to grow and find productive capacity with their creative talents and entrepreneurial zeal.

For those of this new creative class with deeper than average pockets, a need for precision, and an appreciation for craftsmanship, the Hyvision Cubicon Lux is one to watch. Announced in early 2016, the Cubicon Lux is an absolutely beautiful SLA printer, aesthetically outclassing rival SLA machines like the Nobel 1.0 and the Form 1. Formlabs' Form 2 gives a tall order for the Cubicon Lux to fill, but if the success of earlier Hyvision iterations is any indication, the Form 2 may have a battle for desktop SLA supremacy on its hands.

HyVision Cubicon Lux | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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A compact machine suitable for desktop use, and one which offers incredibly fine 3D printing resolutions.

Tom's Guide

Includes a means to automatically refill the resin tank on the fly, simplifying operations. Oh, and of course, they also include the ubiquitous air filter.

Tom's Guide

Features a slim and compact design...display color touch 4.3 "is placed on top of the printer to make reading easier.

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