Hyundai HDBR-1500

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HDBR-1500 Specifications

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the hdbr-1500 weighs 10.1 pounds


remote control included

Editorial Review

It's a little disconcerting to find the name of an automobile manufacturer on your toilet seat. Shouldn't it come with a steering wheel and brakes just in case hitting the flush button causes it to take off like a muscle car when the light turns green? And maybe there should be seatbelts. Sudden acceleration might have unfortunate side effects if it takes place in the middle of a bowel movement.

That's unfair, of course. Hyundai manufactures a great deal more than just cars, including a range of products from electronics to ships. Still, it's cars that they're best known for. So why are they making toilet seats?

Who knows? A good guess would be that the HDBR-1500 automated toilet seat is an outgrowth of their semiconductor division. The seat is essentially a bidet that attaches to your existing toilet and comes with a remote control that not only flushes the toilet, but also operates cleansing and drying mechanisms for the user's private parts. The remote can even be programmed to operate a different sequence of operations for different members of the family. That's some serious programmable electronics to find in a seat that isn't normally an active participant in the process that you're sitting on it for.

To ease the ordeal for those of you who hate sitting on a cold toilet seat on a January morning, the seat is warmed and can be set for three different temperatures. Similarly, the temperature of the water that cleans your private parts can be set using the remote.

Robotic toilet seats are extremely popular in Asia, so it's no surprise that companies from that part of the world, like Hyundai, are making them. The Japanese toilet maker Toto will sell you a complete robotic toilet, like the Washlet G500. And a large number of robotic bidet seats are available, such as the Brondell Swash 1000 .

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Just press the wash button and the Bidet will provide a gentle stream of continuosly warm aerated water...then dry you with warm air without having to use any toilet paper

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