Husqvarna Automower 315

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Automower 315 Specifications

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the automower 315 weighs 19.8 pounds


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Editorial Review

Ah, the sweet sound of lawnmowers thrashing their way across the neighbor's yard! Oh, wait a minute. It isn't a sweet sound at all. In fact, the sound of most lawnmowers is so grating that they tempt you to suggest to your neighbor that they have their grass removed and replaced with concrete. It's the latest thing! So one of the nicest features of the Husqvarna Automower 315 is that it's silent. It glides so noiselessly through your grass that the neighbors probably won't even notice it running, unless you invite them over to watch your latest piece of cool tech in action. No need to convert your lawn to concrete (or decomposed granite) with a silent lawnmower doing all the work.

The Automower is also rugged enough to climb slopes (up to 40 degrees), work its way over small hills, and handle heavy rain. It uses an electric motor so it's emission free, unlike that gasoline-driven mower your neighbor has that gives off more clouds of smoke than grass clippings. It can handle a quarter acre of complex terrain on one charge. It uses lithium-ion batteries that charge back up in about an hour when they run down. The mower's "brains" will adapt the amount of mowing it does to the growth rate of the grass, according to weather and season, and can be programmed via your smartphone, even driven to areas of the lawn that may need particular attention. The blades are designed to give your lawn an evenly cut, carpet-like look. You'll use about 25 watts of power during a single cutting, so its power consumption is in the range of a fairly dim light bulb. In case you don't like the idea of a mower creeping around, however silently, while you sleep, you can set it only to work during certain hours.

If that doesn't have you fired up to buy an Automower (which isn't a trivial purchase, pricewise), try shopping some of the competition. Look around Home Depot or Amazon and look at the Robomow RS622, the Wolf-garten Robo Scooter 1800 and the Bosch Indego 1000 Connect.

Husqvarna Automower 315 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Just great...frugal and quiet...Super reliable. The service at our local dealer, and the telephone customer service of Husqvarna were very satisfactory for me.

Tom's Guide

The device works flawlessly...nice and quiet...Operation is simple, the small knives are easy to change.

Tom's Guide

Easy installation, works perfectly...been running for a few days but I can already see a big difference on the lawn.

Tom's Guide

Really good...It had some small adjustments on the first season but it became less and less.

Tom's Guide