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450X Specifications

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the 450x weighs 30.6 pounds


phone controllable
battery life


self charging
has scheduling

Editorial Review

The Husqvarna 450X is a Mercedes Benz among automated lawnmowers. Or maybe that should be a Tesla Model S, because it runs on an emission-free electric motor. Whatever you want to compare it to, it's a top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art robotic grass clipper and will cut your lawn like a champ even while it cuts a huge chunk out of your bank account. If you have the money and want an automated mower that other automated mowers will be jealous of, the 450X is the way to go. This gardening sports car has a built-in GPS that will track guide wires that you place around your yard to show it what areas you want cut and which ones you'd rather have left alone. It has a lithium ion battery that will run for 4-1/2 hours after only 75 minutes of charging and the smartphone-based remote control will let you stop it, start it, park it, even steer it, if you're in the mood for doing a little lawn mowing from the comfort of a deck chair. The app can even locate the 450X in case some enterprising mower thief snatches it from its charger and takes it off to the local automower chop shop. Elon Musk couldn't have built a more advanced robotic mower.

The 450X uses three pivoting razor blades to give your lawn a close shave between .8 and 2.4 inches in height to give it that smooth carpet look your gardener had to work years to learn how to do. It will work through wind and rain, but probably not snow. (Your grass doesn't grow when it's snowing, though, so who cares?) It will alert you to problems via the app and, like all good automowers, find its way back to the charging hutch when it finally runs out of power. It can handle slopes, though sometimes may need a slight push if the grass is wet.

If the 450X is out of your range, you could try Husqvarna's lower-end Automower 315. Or you could look at some of the competitors, like the Spider Mini, the Honda Miimo 300 or the Flymo 1200R.

Husqvarna 450X | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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After setting your boundaries, you can turn to Husqvarna’s mobile app to create a schedule...Overall, I was very impressed.

Tom's Guide

With the app you’ll receive an alarm to see where the mower’s located...have GPS assisted navigation allowing for a smoother transition across the yard and a more precise mow.

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Intelligent programming ensures that your lawn is always perfectly maintained...During its activated time, the Automower 450 X mows about 250 minutes at a time.

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Able to cover up to 1.25 acres, the modern...Owners are able to keep track of its progress and start or stop the mower using the Husqvarna Connect app.

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Nothing seems able to stop the machine. Not even really steep sections...One charge lasts for over 4 hours mowing.

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