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Editorial Review

The Hydrawise 12 Zone is a Wi-Fi enabled sprinkler controller from Hunter Industries. It requires only a wireless router with Internet access, although the graphical touchscreen interface does allow programming without wi-fi connectivity. The Hydrawise Ready controller supports flow meters, rain sensors, master valves, and lighting programs. With Smart Watering, plants get what they need based on environmental conditions. It purportedly will save up to 50% on your water bills.

According to Los Angeles Magazine, water deliveries from the Metropolitan Water District are down to 5000 acre-feet per day this year from 8000 acre-feet per day 10 years ago. Conservation methods such as turf removal, advertising and multilingual outreach campaigns, and the increased use of smart sprinkler controllers are behind this decrease. This trend will continue so long as people understand that drought is a consistent feature of desert environs. Part of the popularity of smart sprinklers is their money-saving attributes. Provided they are configured correctly, with things like soil type, gradient, and plant species accounted for, the potential amount of water saved is quite significant.

Many of these sprinklers exist on the market, with each claiming different levels of savings. The GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub 6 Zone claims a 50% reduction on water rates whereas the Rachio Smart Sprinkler 1st Generation professes more than 30%. The RainCommander RC1200 offers a broad range of savings, from 25% to 60%.

Time-based Predictive Watering adjusts the length of watering without altering the frequency. The 12-Zone has features specifically for your contractors and in-field staff if they need to access settings. You can attach site plans to the controller so as to locate zone numbers, piping, and valves. Minute-by-minute accounts of water usage and savings as well as controller logs are available. You can also monitor the flow meter and detect for faulty wiring, either of which lets you troubleshoot the problem before it gets out of hand. There are now updates which include support for in-app notifications for Android and Apple devices. This unit is Wi-Fi Alliance-certified and FCC, CE, and C-tick approved. It comes with wall mount screws, a quick-start installation guide, and a 24-volt AC/1 Amp plug pack.

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Many good features, and very flexible programming. Easy to program and also easy to use manually from the touch screen.

Tom's Guide

The unit works well. I love being able to walk around my property and check the irrigation by triggering zones from my iPhone.

Tom's Guide

Great controller. I like being able to check on it when I am away from home. The water monitoring with flow meter is also a great feature.

Tom's Guide

It really takes irrigation control to the next level.The 12-zone system also reports low-voltage situations which can result in your valves not operating correctly.

Tom's Guide